Goodbye Normality

When Emma and her friends find themselves on the train to Hogwarts after a Harry potter book marathon, they are faced with a big problem. Do they help Harry Potter and friends, or do they ignore them? Do they tell Harry that they know everything that is going to happen in the next seven years?

"Emma! Turn that light off!" My mums irritated voice rings through my shut bedroom door and distracts me from my reading.

"In a minute! I'm on the last page!" I say back, careful to keep my own irritation from showing.

"Fine. You have five minutes." She calls back, her voice fading as she begins to transcend back down the stairs.

I immediately return to my book. The very last page ever to be written on Harry Potters journey. I sniffle in happiness as Harry waves his son off onto the Hogwarts Express, all is well for him at last. He has his girl, his friends and his family with him.

Reaching the last line, I grin as I close the book and drop it onto my nightstand before taking a hold of my phone, stuffing it under my pillow, turning my light of and lie down in bed, staring at the door on the other side of my room.

Soon enough, the quiet footsteps of my mother climb up the stairs, pause outside my room and then carry on back down again. After hearing the sitting room door creak shut, I take my phone out, flip on the screen and unlock it to see three messages awaiting me.

The first is from my ginger friend, Steph.

Finished! Midnight exactly. I can't believe I actually read all seven books!

Grinning, I send my reply.

2 hours be4 me as well! well dne! And I told u u could do it! Much better than the films, aren't they?

I send it then go onto the next text, from Megan.

damn it! My mum has made me go to bed! Can't finish it tonight. Got 2 chapters left though!

My grin turns into a wry smile.

looks like you owe me a fiver! Finished.

The last text is from Hannah.

finished! Yes! I so wish J.K would write about Albus and James though. I wanna read about those two :'(

I immediately reply in kind.

finished 2. And well done! You finished in under a year! You gotta deserve an oscar for that! And yeah, I totally agree. But, that's what fan fiction is for :-D

After sending the three texts, I turn the phone off, put it on charge then lay it on top of the book. I then settle into my covers and close my eyes, thinking of Hogwarts, magic and Quidditch as I drift off into sleep.

The End

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