Chapter 8 - Game PlansMature

Changing from Within

Chapter Eight

Game Plans


“Expeliarmus!” I leap out of the way of the spell Gregor shot at me, the bright red beam barely missing my head as I fall back.

“You-“ I try, unable to word anything in shock at his sudden attack.

“You still think I’m a pompous git?” Gregor has no problems finding words as he passes his wand between his hands.

“I never said you were, I said that’s what our Prefect said you were!” I defend myself, cautiously standing back up, wand held firmly in my hands.

“You didn’t need to repeat it.” Gregor growls back, lifting his wand back up and pointing it directly at me. I roll away just as he opens his mouth, “Stupefy.”

“You were going to KNOCK ME OUT!?” I shriek, flicking my wand up and yelling the first spell that comes to my head, “Levicorpus,”

Gregor, not being in the correct position, is unable to dodge and gets picked up by his ankle, floating in the air, yelling profanities at me.

“Finite,” I turn to the source of the voice as Gregor falls back down, landing with a thud on his back, I turn my glare on the smirking Adam.

“What did you do that for?” I snarl, twisting my body so I have both males in my sites, preventing any attacks from the back.

“You were boring me,” He answers with a shrug, besides, I had to see if the spell worked or not. It’s one thing reading about the spells and another trying them out.”

“Oh,” I answer, my momentary spite with Gregor forgotten as I turn my full attention to Adam, “What spells have you read about so far? How many have you tried out? Want to try some out now?” My thirst for knowledge over rides any need for revenge as I happily sit next to Adam. Gregor crawls over to us and takes a book out from his bag, Steph comes over to us, putting her own book down, and looking intrigued.

“This is the book we’ve been looking at so far,” He informs me, sitting it on the ground between us, “It’s mostly jinxes, we haven’t had the chance to try them out yet.”

“Well let’s try them out now!” I decide, Katherine wanders over to us, looking interested as Hannah and Megan lie bathing in the weak sunlight.

“We found this spell, I think it’s the one Ginny is good at,” Katherine informs us, flipping through the book and landing on the Bat-Bogey hex.

“Yes!” I cry out, leaning into the book for the instructions.

The incantation, I find immediately at the top of the page – ‘Vespertilio Larva’ Underneath the incantation is a brief description on the wand movements, a circle then push out, and a summery on the inventor of the spell. One Miranda Goshawk who cast it on her three sisters for various reasons.

“Who’s going to volunteer to be the first victim?” Adam asks, smirking.

“You just did,” Katherine and I inform him in perfect synchronisation, his smirk quickly vanishes as Katherine levels his wand at him.

“Vespertilio Larva,” She calls out, right as Adam casts a Protego. The lime green coloured spell hits the see through, plastic looking shield and fizzles out, Katherine slumps in disappointment. “That’s cheating.” She informs him.

“I was hardly going to take it without complaint,” Adam smirks back, lowering his shield.

“Well I think we can still call it a success,” I console Katherine, “You got a colour out, and it looked vaguely bogey like in colour.” I add with a shrug at her frown. “But we need to find a simple spell-“ I cut myself off, grinning as another idea springs to mind.

“Hey, Megan?” I call, turning around to see her sit up, shielding her eyes as she looks over at me with a grunt. “Remember how we wanted to go paintballing a while ago and it failed miserably?” Megan nods, as does Hannah who has just sat up next to her.

“Yeah, what about it?” She asks, sitting up next to Hannah to get a better view.

“We know there’s the stinging hex, and there should be some variation that will allow for colour as well…”

“Wait,” Gregor cuts me off, grinning madly, “You’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking, are you?”

“A pseudo paintball fight here at Hogwarts with magic?” I grin back.

“Oh my word, yes, that sounds so fun!”  Steph decides, Gregor takes the book up, flicking through it.

“I’m sure I saw something like that last night,” He mumbles as he searches through the thick tome. Just as I spot Ron and Harry heading out of the castle, Gregor exclaims that he has found it.

I take my attention off the two wizards and turn to my almost brother instead.

“Maybe using the stinging jinx isn’t the best of ideas,” Gregor decides, turning the book around to allow me to see.

I quickly agree. The Jinx is a dark one that causes allergy like swelling wherever it hits. “Damnit,” I voice, I had been looking forward to the idea.

“We could do it with Stupefy,” Steph suggests, but Adam shakes his head in the negative.

“The game would be over way to soon that one knocks us unconscious.” He informs us, as Gregor continues flicking through the book, looking for a spell we could use.

“There’s the impediment Jinx, it temporarily freezes a target.” Gregor says, smiling as he reads through the page. I lean over and start reading it upside down, with only slight difficulty.

‘The Impediment Jinx, also known as the Impediment Hex is a jinx that slows the target. The jinx will usually immobilize a target, it can also be sued to throw a target backward or simply decrease the velocity of the victim’s movement. If cast correctly, the Impediment jinx is a turquoise colour.

The incantation for the Impediment jinx is simply impedimenta,’ Bellow is a moving diagram depicting the wand movement, a simple circle with the entire hand.

“This sounds good,” Gregor says, will we try it? We need to make sure we can all cast it.”

“Okay,” I readily agree, whilst reading, Megan and Hannah had moved closer to us, looking highly intrigued. “You try it on me first,” I offer, standing up and backing away, closer to the lake. “I’ll run towards you, cast the spell and we’ll see if it works.” I instruct.

I wait until Gregor stands up wand in hand and pointing at me. Then I start running forwards, about a meter away, Gregor casts the spell and I feel an immediate sluggishness taking me over. I continue moving forward, feeling much like I do in nightmares when trying to run from things, sluggish and unable to move any faster than a slow motion walk.

All of a sudden the effects wear off and I stumble, tripping over a stone and falling flat on my front, much to the amusement of the others. “Well,” I grumble, pushing up so I can see them, “Gregor can certainly cast it.”

“Yes!” Gregor shouts, pumping a fist in the air, “This is so awesome! It’s only fair you get to cast it on me now.” He then decides as I stand up, brushing the grass and dirt from my clothes.

Grinning, I turn around, facing him.

“Ready?” He asks, I grip my wand, feeling a wave of power flow up my arm in anticipation. I nod my acceptance and watch as he starts to run towards me.

“Impedimenta,” I call out as he draws closer, shivering in delight as I feel a surge of power shoot through my hand and into the air. A turquoise coloured strip flows out my wand and towards Gregor who slows comically, his arms swinging slowly from side to side as he struggles to keep moving.

Like it did with me, the spell wears off suddenly and he falls flat on his front with a resounding ‘oof.’

I laugh in joy as Gregor gets back up with a shiver, “That felt weird.” He decides, “But it will work. Maybe have someone keeping track of who gets hit the most? Make a game out of it?”

“I’ll go next,” Steph says, jumping gup and heading towards the lake. Hannah gets her wand out and readies. As with Gregor and I, Steph is slowed right down and then falls flat on her face at the sudden increase in speed.

One by one, we all try experiencing and casting the spell. We each succeed our first try. And we settle back down, preparing to create the rules and consequences of the new game.

“We should be allowed to cast Protego as well,” Katherine puts in after Gregor and I stop arguing over whether we should have teams or not.

“No, I think it should be more focused on dodging,” I disagree, “If we are in battel and faced with unforgivable, a Protego won’t help us,” Katherine, Steph and Megan nod in agreement.

“As well as this being a game, it can be practice for later on as well.” Megan decides.

“Okay,” I finish off, getting too antsy to begin the game. “So rules are, only Impediment jinx allowed to be cast. Once you have been hit five times, you are out and need to sit at the side. Teaming up is allowed, but there can only be one winner, so deception is also a must. Anyone found casting any other spells is immediately disqualified and out of the round. The two winners are then allowed a duel with any spell they know.”

The others nod in agreement to the decided rules and we all get up, grouping our various bags and books together as we head back down to the lake, where there are fewer bystanders.

Unfortunately, two bystanders we had not previously noticed, crop up, pushing our game further back.

“Hello ickle Firsties.” One of the ginger haired perpetrators starts, stepping directly in front of us and blocking our path.

“We couldn’t help-“

“But over hear what sounds like-“

“An interesting game.”

I glare at the Weasely twins as my fun is put further back. “Yes,” I say, sidestepping one, but having the other step in front of me, effectively re-blocking my route. “What of it?”

“Well,” Fred, I think, starts,

“Whilst listening in to your”



“Interesting idea,”

“We thought,”

“We might just have to join in,”

“And create a little sport out of it.” George finishes, I tilt my head slightly, intrigued.

“What would you want to do with a bunch of first years?” I ask, narrowing my eyes at the two third years.

“You can all cast the spell,” George starts this time,

“And so can we,” Fred continues, I growl in exasperation, beside me, Steph seems to be getting just as frustrated as she snaps at them.

“Just get on with the point!”

“Well, how about,”

“We play the game spanning houses and,”

“Years. So that we can have proper teams.2

“As well as proper deceptions,”

“As we can have spies within teams.” I nod along, that does sound interesting.

“How are you going to get other years and people to agree?” Adam asks, “I doubt many Slytherins would want to join.”

“Not particularly,” I disagree, “If I word the idea right, I might actually get a few Slytherins to join. We have some people from each house, so we can all propose the idea. Plus, it will be promoting house unity, so the teachers should be all for it as well, if they find out.”

“All right,”

“It’s a plan,” The twins grin.

“We can easily get Gryffindor’s to join in,”

“Meet back here in an hour,”

“That should be enough time to round people up.”

With a plan in mind, we set off, Steph verging off before the castle as she spots Harry, Ron, Seamus, Dean and Neville in the grounds. The twins, Gregor, Adam and Katherine all head up the stairs when we get into the hall, stopping a group of girls on their way up. Megan, Hannah and I continue to the dungeons, The Hufflepuff’s heading off at their cut off with a promise to meet at the entrance in a half an hour.

I find myself heading to the Slytherin common room, alone, again. Trying to decide how exactly I am going to propose the idea so the Slytherins find it intriguing enough to join.

Reaching the tapestry, I head in and spot Daphne, Tracy and Pansy sitting around the fire, chatting. Grinning at having some potential allies to help, I head directly for them.

“Decided to join your own house again?” Tracy asks with a light hearted smirk as I near them, Daphne looks up, then back to her book.

“I have an idea, and I need your help to implement it.” I say, getting straight to the point. I notice Daphne stop reading, she glances to the side, towards me, looking intrigued.

“Go on,” Pansy says waving har hand impatiently.

“Me and my friends have come up with a sort of game,” I start, noticing as Daphne turns away again, but I continue on. “It’s sort of like a muggle game, Paintballing, ever heard of it?” They both shake their heads in the negative.

“Well the game is, that muggles are given guns loaded with paint balls – literally balls of paint – and then they get put in an arena like place and shoot each other for fun. It’s a great way of learning to avoid and duck as well as practicing aiming.”

“Right,” Pansy nods slowly, “That sounds stupid, why do they shoot each other for fun? Aren’t guns those things they use to kill each other?”

“Yes,” I accept, “But these guns are specifically designed to only cause bruises.”

“Oh,” Pansy sighs, looking relieved,” That sounds a lot safer. What’s the variation you have come up with?”

“We use the impediment Jinx,” I state, Daphne looks back up, looking very interested.

“What does that jinx do?” Tracy asks, leaning forward in her seat, eyes shining.

“It immobilizes a person for about ten seconds,” I say, “Perfectly harmless… except when you come back to and fall on your face. We have decided you can only use that spell to fire at other people whilst dodging yourself – shields are not allowed. If you get hit five times, you are out. The last two people have to duel to find the victor, they will be allowed to use any spell.” I stop, taking in a breath and allowing the three girls to digest the information. “You are allowed to team up with people, but there can only be one winner.”

“That sounds like it could be interesting,” Daphne admits, “Why do you need our help with it?”

“Because,” I begin, “The Weasely twins overheard us and decided it would be a good idea to have all the houses and years in the game, that way there can be proper spies in groups as you device strategies. And possibly we could use team and have a winning team instead of a winning person.  So,” I finish off, “I need your help to get the rest of our House interested in the idea.”

“I don’t think it will take much to get people interested,” A fourth voice from behind me states, I jerk around with a jump, to come face-to-face with GLouise the prefect. “That sounds like a great idea, and we can also show off to the other houses how much better us Slytherins are. Leave it to me,” She decides, “Where and when are you meeting?”

“Down by the lake, in about fifty minutes.” I inform her, GLouise nods and heads of, looking excited. “Well,” I turn to the others, “Will you be joining in?”

“Of course!” Tracy decides, jumping up, Daphne gets up as well, with more grace than Tracy. We turn to Pansy who nods.

“I’ll go get Millicent. Then we can get the boys.” She says, heading over to the dorms.

“Where are the boys?” I ask as we watch Pansy head off.

“Last I knew, they were heading outside as Theo wanted to see the castle properly.” Tracy answers me.

“Okay, we’ll wait for Pansy and Millicent then head out.” Daphne decides, we head over to the exit and wait for the other two, watching as GLouise floats around the room, talking to each group individually, as she leaves, the groups huddle, looking various degrees of intrigued and excited.

Pansy and Millicent reappear, Pansy in the middle of filling Millicent in. We head out to the grounds together as Millicent stops grumbling about being woken up and instead starts asking questions, looking as excited as I feel.

At the end of the hall, Megan and Hannah are waiting, as promised, with a troop of Hufflepuff’s behind them.

“You got a lot of intrigue,” Megan comments, looking at the four girls behind me.

“Don’t worry,” I grin, “We have GLouise the prefect getting the rest of the house riled up enough to join.”

“Wait,” A Hufflepuff standing directly behind Hannah voices, looking wide eyed at me and my new friends, “the Slytherins are joining? They’ll just cheat!” I glare at the boy, causing him to shrink back.

“I’ll have you know, we are perfectly honourable when it comes to proving ourselves,” I snap at him, “Besides,” I decide, not sure how the others are going to take this, “All teams have to have at least one person from each house.”

“They are?” Megan asks, blinking at me.

“Yup, house unity, remember.” I say, smiling broadly at the idea.

“Well, we need to head out,” Pansy states, Starting to walk away.

“Oh! I haven’t introduced you!” I realise, causing Pansy to pause.

“This is Hannah Grey,” I say, pointing at the blonde haired Hufflepuff at the front who waves shyly. “This one is Megan Finlay,” I point to the girl next to Hannah, with long, auburn coloured hair who nods at them.

“This is Daphne Greengrass,” I inform my friends, “She’s the quiet type, then this one is Tracy Davis, she’s awesome. And we have Millicent Bullstrode, who doesn’t like the sorting hat, and she is Pansy Parkinson.” I finish with a flourish.

Megan turns to the Hufflepuff’s behind her and begins her introductions. She points to the small boy who had spoken out, “This is Ernie Macmillan, and next to him is Justin Finch-FLetchley. Then we have Hannah Abbott and Susan Bones.”  Hannah and Susan nod towards us whilst the two boys don’t acknowledge us. “Behind us are a bunch of older students I don’t know,” Megan finishes, pointing to the fifteen odd other students, “But they were interested in the idea and so came along.

I eye the Hufflepuff’s up, in the middle, I spot Cedric Diggory, and around him are a handful of boys his age as well as some older males and females.

“And Pansy is right, we need to go find the guys.” I add in before they can start the introductions.

We head out, the twenty or so Hufflepuff’s trailing behind, whispering amongst themselves.

Once out of the castle, we spot Steph with the First year Gryffindor males and females sitting at the tree we had previously occupied, I notice with a smile that Hermione has joined them. Judging by the wands, I safely take a guess that Steph is showing them the spell.

“Why don’t you lot head over there?” I ask, “Steph is making sure you all know the spell.” Hannah, Megan and the Hufflepuff’s head over, the Hufflepuff’s looking nervously over their shoulders at us.

Pansy, Daphne, Tracy and Millicent stay with me as we head around the castle, nto long later, I spot the platinum blonde hair of the Malfoy Ponce and we head that way, seeing that Vincent, Gregory, Blaise and Theodore are with him.

“Hey Draco,” Pansy smiles as we reach them, grinning stupidly at him, I roll my eyes at the obvious crush and get straight to the point.

“We’re having an inter-house game where you get to Impediment people for fun.” I say, deciding the blunt will be far more intriguing to Draco, Theo and Blaise than the long winded explanation I gave to the girls.

“What if you don’t know the spell?” Blaise asks, frowning as he stands up, the others copy him.

“It’s an easy one,” I inform him, “I can teach you it now.”

“Who will be joining?” Theo asks, standing at the back, but, being the tallest, still easily able to see us all.

“The Weasely twins are getting the Gryffindor’s, my friends are getting the Ravenclaw’s and Hufflepuff’s, the first year Gryffindor’s and Hufflepuff’s are already there, they are learning the spell now. GLouise is getting more Slytherins to join, there are also a handful of older Hufflepuff students.” I inform him, Draco looks put out, but Blaise and Theo look interested.

“There will be house teams, and I’m thinking we will have to have at least one person of each house in a team,” I tell them, noticing Draco’s look of disgust. “It will be the beginning of a brand new tradition,” I add, putting some of my composed excitement into my words, “where we will be allowed to hex other students, and it will improve our casting accuracy and dodging capabilities.”

“I’m in,” Blaise decides, Theo nodding along with him. Crabbe and Goyle look to Draco. “Come on, Draco, you never know, it could be fun.” Pansy urges him, stepping closer to the ponce. Reluctantly, Draco nods his head, behind him, his two goons with potential copy.

“I can teach you the spell here, so you know it already,” I offer, bouncing in excitement.

“Fine, this had better be worth it.” Draco relents.

“Yes!” I shout in excitement, taking my wand out and getting ready to teach the others, getting ready for the start of a new tradition.

The End

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