Chapter 7 - Slytherin FunMature

Changing the Past

Chapter Seven

Slytherin Fun?


Having made our decisions concerning our fate, we slowly get up and leave, Gregor, Adam, Katherine and Steph making immediate left turns, heading up the stairs to their respective dorms. Megan, Hannah and I continue on our way down.

“How do you get to your dorm?” I ask after two flights of silence, “Is it near the kitchens?”

Megan laughs at the eagerness in my voice whilst Hannah shakes her head, answering me, “No, I don’t think the kitchens are in the dungeons, there are a set of barrels, we hit them in a pattern and get in,”

“That’s it?” I ask, incredulous, “That’s all the safety you get, hitting some barrels?” Megan answers for me this time, with a smirk.

“I’d like to see you have a go, if you hit the wrong barrel or tap the wrong amount of times you get hit in the face with a stream of magically induced vinegar.”

“Magically induced how?” I immediately question, lowering my voice as we pass a Ravenclaw heading up the stairs.

“It’s enchanted so the smell won’t go away for a week.” Hannah informs us, I wrinkle my nose, imagining the smell of vinegar for a full week – yuck. “What about Slytherin?” Hannah continues as we near the last flight, the Great Hall in sight in front of us.

“We have a wall behind a draping, it’s much like the wall at Diagon Alley,” I answer readily, inwardly wincing at the thought of the other Slytherins hearing me tell them this.

“Is it really littered with the bones of the previous Muggleborn’s?” Megan asks, I stop in the middle of the stairs, turning to look at her directly, her face is blank, but her eyes are glinting, something she never could hide.

“And where on earth did you hear that!?” I grind out, continuing my walk down, turning left at the bottom of the stairs, towards the dungeons.

“Hannah Bones and Susan were informing us last night, and how you must be evil to have been allowed to go there,” Hannah tells me, I turn, stopping at an alcove just before the dungeons, not willing to stop our conversation this soon.

“Well you can tell Hannah and Susan,” I begin with my head up, looking down at my friends over my nose, making my voice high and pompous, “that we live in a mysterious, underwater shipwreck.”

“A shipwreck?” Hannah asks, eyebrow raised, I sniff and nod, turning my back on them.

“And I am highly insulted at their vulgar claims. I would never sleep on the bones of those before me – I’d much rather sleep on the skin of my foes.”

“And that’s better, how?” Megan asks, I turn my head slightly, seeing Hannah has her hand over her mouth, either trying not to puke or laugh, same difference.

“I personally skinned them for offending me.” Hannah loses her battle and starts laughing, Megan and I join in soon after, the three of us sitting on the floor of an alcove, Hufflepuff’s and Slytherin’s alike giving us odd looks as they pass.

“We should probably head, I think it’s almost curfew, and we’ll be working on Homework together.” Hannah inform me when we sober up. Together, we stand back up, still grinning stupidly.

“All right,” I sadly agree as we start to walk to our separation, “Ensure you remember to give Susan and Hannah my message though,” I add as the turn right half way down the next hall.

I continue on alone, wandering silently down the echoey hall, thinking back on my first day at Hogwarts. It had gone so fast, I have already had Potions, Defence and Charms. Snape, Quirrel and Flitwick all in one day, what fun.

Apparently I’m actually good at Potions as well, I fairly enjoyed just following the instructions, watching the potion create itself under my careful instruction. I can understand Snape’s love for the art, but he really should instruct more, by asking one little question I managed to stop a catastrophe in class. And I don’t have the books with me, So I have no idea what Neville’s next mistake will be, perhaps I should work with Neville, not Steph, that wat Snape will be less likely to pick on him and I can help ensure he doesn’t blow any potion up, it might make him more confident quicker.

Mental note: Ask Steph to switch potion partners. We’re sure to have other classes together, the teachers love to put Slytherin and Gryffindor together.

Talking of Slytherin, Defence was actually alright – once I left the room. His stutter isn’t as bad as I had expected it to be, but it’s still Voldemort teaching us. Nope, no thanks. And then we had Charms where we wrote a load of stuff.

Seriously, though. Why have a day of lessons, then have a long two days off? Why not just get the three days off? By this point, I have reached the Tapestry covering the wall to my common room, and so, with a deep breath, I cut off my thoughts and head in.

“Pure,” the wall opens up, just as it had last night and earlier today. Inside, there are groups of Slytherin’s scattered all over, some doing work over scattered books and parchment, others sitting talking, some playing games, some sitting reading.

I head over to one of the groups sitting talking, consisting of Pansy, Tracy, Millicent and, surprisingly, Daphne. It seems Pansy succeeded in getting her out of her loner streak.

“Hey, Louise, you going to join us?” Tracy asks as she spots me walking up to them, I smile and nod, plonking myself on the floor between Tracy and Pansy. “Great,” Tracy grins, scooting over a bit, allowing me more room.

“What are we doing?” I ask, noticing they each have a cup of beans in front of them.

“GLouise told us we have to participate in this game to create stronger bonds between us all.” Millicent informs me, I look up to where she is sitting, directly opposite me and almost laugh at the glare of distrust she is giving the cup.

“What’s in the cup?” I continue as Pansy hands me one, I look into it, there are five beans, all different coloured. Some multi-coloured, others one. One specific bean looks a disgusting green-orange.

“Every-Flavoured Beans,” Millicent flinches, my stomach rolls. I hate these things.

“And we have to use these?” I plead, “We can’t use like a horrible drink or something?”

“Nope.” Tracy answers me, popping the ‘p’ happily.

“Okay, let’s just get on with it.” Daphne drones from next to Millicent, looking bored.

“Get on with what?” I whine, still confused as I spot the boys in the other side of the room seemingly playing the same thing, Malfoy is currently sticking a bright pink bean into his mouth, much to Zabini’s amusement.

“Never have I ever.” Tracy answers, practically jumping on the spot, face alight.

“Isn’t that a muggle game?” I ask, nonplussed, why are Slytherin’s actively playing this game?

“Who do you think created the game?” Daphne sneers. I let it go, not willing to create cold feelings this early into the game.

“All right,” I sigh, resigned, “who starts?”

“Me!” Pansy immediately yelps, sitting straight up. “Never have I ever been traveling.” I pause, do I take my answers from my previous life? And if I do, do I go right up to age nineteen? Or just to elven? Can I even remember that far back? Well my first holiday to Egypt I was nine so… I reach blindly into my cup and take out a bean.

It’s a bright yellow mixed with slight white. Okay, so either lemon or…. Unable to think of what else it could be, I shrug and hold it to my mouth. Pansy is holding a dark red to her own mouth. Nodding to each other, we put them in.

I chew, nervously poking the treat with my mouth.

“Popcorn?” I ask, relaxing at the non-disgusting taste. I look to Pansy who doesn’t seem to be having as much luck with hers, her face is scrunched as she struggles to swallow.

“Blood!” She gasps out, shivering in disgust, I laugh alongside Tracy and Millicent as Pansy starts running her tongue against her teeth. “Where did you go?” Tracy asks me as we wait on Pansy.

“Egypt on holiday,” I answer, closing my eyes in remembrance.

“What was it like?” Millicent adds, looking interested.

“Hot.” I answer immediately, “And sandy. But it was great.”

 “Who’s next?” Pansy asks, deciding to recover, eyeing Tracy.

“We haven’t asked where you went yet!” Millicent interrupts, pouting. Rolling her eyes, Pansy answers.

“Rome. A business trip with my parents.”

“Oh, Millicent answers, looking down. “So who’s next?” She adds, we turn to Pansy.

“Millicent.” She decides. We turn to her, waiting as she thinks about her statement.

“Never have I ever broken a bone.” I groan, this isn’t fir. I’ve broken a total of three bones – my arm at like six years old and two bones in my leg at eleven.

My next bean is pure white. I have a bad feeling about it. Looking up, I notice Pansy, Tracy and Daphne all have beans as well.

“Cheers,” I call out, shoving the bean in my mouth and biting down. Mmmmm this one is nice. Looking around, the other three seem to be having nice ones as well. Millicent looks disappointed.

“So, Louise, what did you break?”

“My arm, when I was seven, I tripped over the cat.” I answer truthfully. Pansy and Tracy laugh at my disgruntled frown.

“I hope you didn’t hurt it!” Millicent gasps, I get the feeling she isn’t talking about the arm.

“No, the cat was fine. He ran away for about a week, but he came back. Pansy?” I add, cutting her laughing off, “What did you break?”

“My foot, I stole my dad’s wand when I was about four and I managed to levitate the bookshelf on top of me.” It’s my turn to laugh alongside Tracy now as Pansy smirks.

“Safe to say you would have learned your lesson,” Tracy scoffs, still laughing. “I broke my nose when my brother-in-law pushed me down the stairs.”

“Ouch,” I wince, we turn, as one to Daphne.

“What did you break? And how?” Tracy asks her, Daphne mumbles something before looking up, daring us to laugh.

“Me and my sister were mucking around on the brooms, when I got pushed off by Astoria and broke my foot.” I wince in sympathy, a sibling causing a break isn’t nice.

“Daphne, you’re turn.” Millicent decides. Daphne smirks.

“Never have I ever been considered for another house.”

I was considered for Gryffindor, so I take, as does Millicent and Tracy.

Pansy goes next, “Never have I ever stolen from someone.” At last, I don’t need to take a bean, Daphne, Tracy and Millicent do. Then it’s my turn,

“Never have I ever cared about blood prejudices,” All four of them take, I don’t react, knowing that I have the chance to change them, besides, they have all most likely grown up in largely prejudiced households, growing up in a place like that will rub off on you.

“Never have I ever considered joining the Dark Lord.” Tracy states. Millicent and Pansy take a bean, I smile, we seem to be getting to the nitty gritty already.

“Never have I ever physically harmed another person.” Millicent decides, eying us. Pansy, Daphne and I take a bean. I take the green orange one, the second last.

Pansy puts her last one in her mouth as Daphne, like me, takes her second last. Mine turns out to be some pumpkin flavoured one, not too nice, but not disgusting either.

Its Daphne’s turn next, she takes longer this time, and we’re all on our last bean. Suddenly, she smirks, looking right at me, “Never have I ever been taught about puberty.” I glare back at her as I take the last bean into my mouth, wincing at the indescribable horrible taste as Daphne continues to get the death glare. I am out of the game.

“Low blow, Daphne,” I grump, sitting back to watch the end.

With just Tracy, Millicent and Daphne left, it doesn’t take long for Daphne to be declared the winner. Before she can claim bragging rights, however, GLouise walks up to us and informs us it’s time for first years to go to bed.

Grumbling, but willing enough, we get up and head for the dorms, noticing the boys being sent as we vanish around the corner. Reaching our room, we get changed and settle on our beds, even Daphne leaves her curtains open.

“You are a cheat and I demand a rematch.” Tracy declares, the first to speak as she glares to the other side of the room at Daphne.

“I’m not risking a rematch.” I decide, laughing at Tracy’s offended glare, “What?” I ask innocently, “I’ll be defeated in seconds, she knows too much.” At the opposite end of the room, I notice Daphne smirking smugly to herself.

“Just you wait,” Tracy adds, “We’ll get you back. One way or another.” Daphne just raises a blonde eyebrow, face straight.

“We have to play some card games,” Millicent declares, “I’ll get my mum to send my pack over.”

“Sounds fun.” I agree, “Hey, do these alarms automatically turn off for the weekend? I don’t fancy being woken too early tomorrow.”

“No,” Pansy says, “You’ll have to reset it now, I did mine this morning.”

“Oh, okay. Thanks.” I proceed to turn, facing my roof and tell the alarm not to go off tomorrow.

“Sure thing, Louise, enjoy your night!” It replies, I glare up at the ceiling as the other girls snigger.

“You chose the happy wake up?” Pansy gasps, I nod, not understanding their mirth.

“You didn’t have one of these at home, did you?” Daphne shakes her head, shoulders shaking as she struggles to hold in more laughter.

“No, why?” I whine, getting frustrated.

“The spell for the perky alarm has some…” Pansy trails off, waving her arms around before shrugging her shoulders. Tracy takes her up.

“It has some glitches.” She tells me plainly.

“What kind of glitches? How can a spell have glitches?”

“It develops a personality of its own.” Tracy answers, looking nervously at my bed.

“What? Like an AI?”

“What’s an AI?” Millicent asks, I roll my eyes and tell them to continue with my alarm clock.

“I heard one once actually developed a body of its own!” Pansy informs me.

“A spell?” I ask, “A spell develops a conscience and a body of its own. You’re telling high tales.” Firmly believing I have caught them out, I shake my head in mock disappointment and decide to sleep, it has been a long day.

From the shuffling behind me, I take a guess the others have followed my example and settled down to sleep for the night.



“Louise! I know you said not to get you up this early, but I was already awake!” I groan and lift my head from the pillow, looking around for the source of the noise. “Louise?” It asks, instead of answering, I pull the covers up to my shoulders and glare around me. “Are you okay?”

“What time is it?” I growl out, the voice pauses for a minute, seemingly contemplating.

“Five Forty-five in the morning.” It finally replies perkily.

“And why,” I grit out, closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, “Am I currently awake on a Saturday morning?”

“Because I was bored?” The voice replies, I growl in response, deciding to get out of bed and take a nice long bath to compensate for being woken up as early.

Never ending Lavender bubbles set up the scene nicely as I discard my Jammies and settle down in the bath, sighing as the heat reaches into all my tense muscles, the lavender scent filling my nostrils, calming me down as my brain catches up.

My alarm clock woke me up.

Because she was Bored.

Sighing, I clench my nose and dip under the water, holding my breath for as long as I can before resurfacing and lying back, closing my eyes. That stupid alarm clock can’t wake me up here.

Sometime later – I must have dozed off, Millicent is banging and screaming at the door for me to get out.

“I’m busy.” I answer, opening my eyes to the light and glaring over to the door.

“How are you up before me again!?” She complains, thumping hard on the door, giving the direction of the thump, I guess it’s a kick this time.

“Alarm clock has a sense of humour.” I answer with, standing up and shivering in the sudden cold air. Reaching over with prune like fingers, I grab a towel and wrap it around my prune like body.

Stepping out, Millicent barges past me with a glare, her dark brown hair in knots around her chubby face. I raise an eyebrow but she closes the door before she had the chance to see and comment.

Turning back into the room, I notice the other girls are already up and sitting around the door, awaiting Millicent and I finishing. I drop back under my closed curtains and get changed into a comfortable pair of jeans and a blue top. Propping my glasses back on my face, I open up my curtains, ready to face the day at last.

Once Millicent is also ready, we head out of the dorm as a group, the second years on the stairs right in front of us and out of the hall.

Sitting down for breakfast, wedged between Tracy and Millicent, I opt for a bowl of Coco Pops and some nice cold milk today.

“So,” Millicent begins, over a chocolate toast slice, “How was your sleep?” She’s looking right at me as she takes another bite from her toast, I glare back at her, slowly swallowing my mouthful as the others are watching me expectantly.

“The bloody alarm clock woke me up at six,” I grumble, taking another bite, my last bite, before they can get me to continue. At the entrance hall, I notice Draco Malfoy coming in, a red faced Ron Weasely directly behind him, and take an easy guess I had just missed a confrontation.

Draco walks up to the table, Crabbe and Goyle right behind him, and take the seats next to Daphne and Pansy on the other side from Tracy and me.

“Red haired eejit get your boxers in a twist?” I ask, smirking as Draco glowers at the food around him, “you know the food for eating, not practicing your death glare, right?” I add, smiling sweetly as said death glare is turned to me.

“That blood traitor believes he’s better for Potter than I am.” Draco snarls, unfortunately ignoring my jab at him, I had been looking forward to a confrontation with him… maybe next time.

“I don’t think either of you are good for him. I honestly think Longbottom would do better than you two.”

“What!?” Draco asks incredulously. “That squib would be a better friend to Potter than me?”

“The two of you are arrogant, prejudiced pricks. And I don’t believe the Boy-Who-Lived should be friends with anyone like that, case closed.” I say, tipping my bowl to my mouth, gulping down the rest of my cereal and leaving the table, heading straight to the Gryffindor’s where I can see Steph chatting amiably with Parvati and Lavender.

“Hey Louise,” Steph calls out as she sees me approaching, waving a goodbye to the other two girls and getting up to join me.

“Hey, Steph, good night?”

“Yeah, it was great, we stayed up and just talked till about three in the morning, and then we went to bed. Hermione is still there, apparently she isn’t a morning person. She asked us to bring something up for her later.

“How about we go see the grounds today?” I venture, “I fancy some fresh air.”

“That sounds great!” Steph agrees, we quickly round up the ‘Claw’s and ‘puffs and head out side, choosing a seat down by the lake to sit and talk.

Soon after, Gregor and I enter a disagreement which leads to a small fight.

A fight which, hear, can involve magic.

In my defence, however, he started it by trying to disarm me. I just returned the favour and maybe or maybe didn’t turn it into an outright dual… quickly getting Katherine, Steph and Hannah involved.

The End

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