Chapter 5 - Finding HeavenMature

Changing from Within

Chapter Five

Finding Heaven


After grabbing a quick snack, I inform Millicent, Tracy and Pansy that I am going to catch up with my friends, and head to the front of the hall, where Hannah, Megan, Katherine, Gregor, Adam and Steph are already waiting.

Stepping out of the hall, and away from the watching eyes, I pull everyone into a hug, starting with Steph and ending with Katherine.

"How are you all?" I ask rushed, stepping from my last hug, "what was your first class like? What's your house like?"

"Louise?" Adam asks, easing an eyebrow at me, I blush a deep red.

"Yes?" I ask, looking down at him, trying not to laugh at his tiny frame, his growth spurt won't come for another five years.

"Breathe." He orders. I narrow my eyes but obediently take a deep breath in and out. "How's Slytherin?" He asks.

"How are you not in Slytherin?" I pout, ignoring Megan and Hannah as they laugh at me.

"Aww," Adam mocks, "did you miss me?"

"Yes," I inform him with a straight face, "I would have liked a warm bed last night." Hannah, Steph and Megan immediately burst into laughter, Gregor rolls his eyes.

"You would have like him to Slyther-" Gregor starts, I slam my hand out, hitting him on the back of the head before he can finish the sentence.

"I would have liked to have seen what the wards against males were." I snarl back, glaring at the two immature eighteen year olds.

"And here I though you just missed my-"

"Library!" Hannah quickly cuts in. I notice Adam and Katherine looking at her strangely before my vision goes misty and I take on a dreamlike stance.

"Library?" I ask, a library filled with real life magic books, "where?" I snap out of it to turn on Hannah who shrugs. Sighing in annoyance, I take my wand out of my pocket and lay it flat on my hand. "Let's hope this works." I mumble.

Picturing the library clear in my mind, I take a breath and cast the point me charm. My wand whirls in my hand for a bit before stopping and pointing to my stomach. I turn around and the wand turns with me, pointing to the stairs.

"Forward March!" I call out and we head up the flights of stairs, following my trusty wand.

It takes five whole minutes to reach the library. Leaving us with an hour and ten minutes before period three.

As soon as I enter, I take in a deep breath, the smell of old books filling my nostrils and immediately relaxing my tense shoulders. Madame Pince comes up to us, eyes narrowed.

"What do you want?" She asks, looking suspicious.

"More than seven years in this school. I will never get to read all of these books in seven years! How many books can I take out during the holidays? If I read nonstop for the whole seven years-"

"Louise. Shut up." Adam tells me. Madam Pince however is looking at me with a smile. A smile Harry never received. I feel oddly smug at that. I won the librarian over in less than a minute.

"Where would you like to start?" She asks me.

I freeze. All these books with thousands of information on magic. Information J.K never even looked at. And I have the opportunity to learn it.

I look back at my friends and make a quick but pained decision.

"Methods of wizarding communication." I state confidently whilst crying inside. Out of all the books available, THIS is what I choose?

"Right this way." Madame Pince proceeds to lead us to the third row of shelfs to the left where she points me to a long row of books at the bottom.

"Thank you." I say before picking up three books and handing them to Megan. The next three go to Adam and another four I take in my arms before going over to a table and finding a seat. I take a look at the first book, "Methods of Time Communication." And discard it. The one underneath, "Communication Methods via the Mind," is also discarded. The next one however, "The Creation and use of the Communication Books." Is opened to the first page.


"What?" I snap at the voice, flicking past the introduction and warning pages.

"What are we supposed to do?"

"Sit and wait." I say.

'The use of communication books has never been used to much extent. Many seeing it as pointless as they look to many other methods of communicating. This method, however, is useful when it comes to fast and undetected conversations."

I flick through the rest until I come to the method.

"Each user of the communication books must cast the spell simultaneously on the book of choice. In order to communicate via the book to one specific person, set pages with the recipient’s name. Any conversations may be stored for future use."

Finding the spell, I grin and look up at my friends.

"Find a plain book you can write in and lay it in front if you." I inform them as I dig into my bag, finding a plain, line papered dark blue leather bound book. Perfect. Once all of us have a book out, I point my wand at my book. They copy me.

"When I say so, place your wand on the first page of the book and say communicare et inter mentibus." Everyone nods and so I place the top of my wand on the first page of my book.


Six voices repeat the spell at the same time as me as seven books all glow a light blue before the colour dies.

We then all get our quills and, as per my instructions, write EVERYONE on the first page then everyone's names on separate pages.

Finishing Adam Seaton on the final page, I look back up and grin.

"Do these actually work?" Gregor asks, sounding skeptical.

"They should," I reply, turning back to the first page and writing ’Hello.'

Nothing happens.

"Well?" Hannah raises an eyebrow, my chest heats up, slowly creeping up to my face as I frown and turn back to the book to find I missed part if the spell.

"Say simul in aeternum on the last page." I tell the others. We do so and our bodies glow the same blue as the books did before. With the spell being complete, Gregor writes instead. My book shudders slightly and a message appears on my first page.

GF: No cheating in class with these.

We could now talk to each other in classes. I grin again.

"I did my good deed, can I go look for other books now?" I ask, eyes flicking back to the many shelfs filled with knowledge.

"Shouldn't we discuss what we are going to be doing before we start looking at the books?" Gregor, ever the voice of reason, points out. I pout in disappointed to but have to agree to the logic.

No one speaks.

"Well?" I ask.

"You’re the oldest." Megan informs me.

"So?" I ask.

"So you generally make the decisions." Hannah adds.

"What if I don't want to?" I retort half-heartedly.

"You're the Slytherin." Adam smirks, leaning back in his chair, arms folded against his chest.


"So you’re the one that plans things."

Sighing in defeat, I cast my gaze around the library, the others stay silent, knowing I am thinking things through. Deciding to let them in, I speak my thoughts out loud.

"Well, first we have to do something about Sirius. And we can't let Fudge anywhere near the case because he will try and cover it up. We know where the rat is - Steph can grab him. We will need to find a way to send him straight to the Aurors, preferably Amelia Bones, I trust her. Hannah,"

Hannah looks at me, eyes wide at being called out.

"Susan Bones is in your dorm, right?" She nods mutely. "Right, so we can send an anonymous note to Susan asking how we can contact her Aunt. Then we need to deal with Dumbledore and get Harry away from the Dursley’s. We also have to deal with Voldemort - namely Quirrelmort. He can't die, because of the Horcruxes. And we can't get the Horcruxes.

"We might be able to get Neville to get the cup from Bellatrix’s vault-"

"Neville?" Gregor asks, I smirk.

"Yes, he lost his parents because of her. Therefor he will be due a form of compensation. We can encourage him to get something from her vault."

"Things like that don't actually happen, Louise." Hannah informs me.

"You forget," I decline, "the wizarding world is still set in the Middle Ages. Where that IS allowed. And I'm sure his Gran, who is on the Wizengamot, will push to have it happen when she catches wind of it. We also have to try and get Harry his parents will, that will help get him away from the Dursley's without Dumbledore's help."

"I think," Megan interrupts my flow, "if Harrys parents had left him a will, he would have received it by now."

"So you're saying they didn't write one?" I ask, to which she nods. "famously rich James Potter, the second last to the house of Potter, and his muggle born wife, Lily Potter,, who knew they were being hunted by Voldemort, didn't leave their only son a will?"

"Well... if you put it that way.” Katherine concedes, I smirk in victory.

"Anyways, we will need to make a list of all that happens in the books so we don't forget anything important." With everyone's agreement, I take out a piece of parchment and a quill, ready to write notes down.

Canon Happenings

First Year – Philosophers Stone

Quirrel is Voldemort

The stone is under the dogs

• A troll is released at Halloween

• Harry makes Quidditch

• Hagrid gets a dragon

Second Year – Chamber of Secrets

Ginny gets the diary

• The basilisk petrifies people

• Gilderoy

• Dobby

• The Chamber

• Ginny is taken

Malfoy is suspected – Polyjuice

Third Year – Prisoner of Azkaban

• Sirius escapes

• Pettigrew gets freed

• Trelawney makes her second prophecy

• Lupin

• Marauders Map

• Time turner

• Hagrid is teacher – Malfoy hurt his arm – Buckbeak

• Buckbeaks trial

• Crookshanks

Fourth Year – Goblet of Fire

• School Tournament

• Harry is chosen

• Ron is stupid – hurts harry AND Hermione

• Hermione 'dates' Krum

Caretaker Muggle is killed

• Voldemort returns

• Barty junior impersonates Moody

• Barty Senior is killed – a bone in the forest

• Dragons first task

• Lake second task

• Maze third task

• Reeta is a bug animagus

Fifth Year – Order of the Phoenix


• Voldemort is back

• Blood quill

• Sirius dies

• DA

• Chang's friend betrays – veritaserum

Dumbledore leaves

• Umbitch headmistress

• Ministry raid

• School Degrees

• Tries to sack Trelawney

• Fake vision in History exam

• Weasely twins joke shop

Sixth year – Half-Blood Prince


• Snape is defense teacher

• Slug club

• Dumbledore gives Harry memories

• Voldemort is Tom Riddle

• Learn about Horcruxes

• Malfoy uses ROR with vanishing cabinet

• Death Eaters attack – DA on alert

• Dumbledore dies

• Hogwarts is taken

Seventh year - Deathly Hallows

Bill and Fluer's wedding

• Snape headmaster

• Carrow siblings as teachers

• Harry, Ron and Hermione go on hunt

• Neville turns badass

• Battle of Hogwarts

• Lupin and Tonks have Teddy


With the list sorted out, I fold it and put it back in my bag, ready for use in the future. I ready to ask about what changes we will be making, but am interrupted by Madame Pince.

"I think you should all have classes now?" Madam Pince says, turning a corner and waving her wand, causing all the library books to float back to their original spot, I whimper at having the books taken from me.

"Huh? No the bell-" the bell went. "Okay. I suppose." Hannah turns red.

"Thank you! And I'll be back." I say as my friends drag me out of the room.

"What do you all have? We have potions." Gregor tells us.

"Potions." Megan and Hannah say simultaneously.

"Transfiguration." Steph answers for herself.

"Defense against the Dark Arts," I finish, taking my wand back out.

"Point me," I say to my wand, leading me up and to the right. Gregor copies me. His leading him downstairs.

"See ya's" He calls back, Adam, Katherine, Hannah and Megan follow behind, waving goodbye to Steph and I.

Steph follows me along the corridor but is pointed right whilst I am pointed up the stairs, we separate ways with final goodbyes.

I make my way to Quirrel's room alone, dreading my first full class with only the Slytherins. I may have mollified the Pureblood Supremists with my story yesterday, and Tracy, Millicent and Pansy seem to like me - but I don't know any of them. I'm essentially walking blind into a classroom with the Dark Lord, a class full of Dark Lord Supporters.

What have I gotten myself into?

Being the first to class, I get first pick of where to sit. I choose the middle, nearest the wall, under the window. The fall may hurt - but it's a possible way out if the worst come to happen. Not knowing how long I have until the others arrive, I take out my leather bound book and open it up, to see if it will work at a distance.

Testing. Testing

To my joy, more writing appears in the book, alongside a name, in his own handwriting.

Adam: shut up and pay attention!

Megan: how about the three of you pay attention?

Hannah: Megan, this is Louise. She doesn't know HOW to pay attention in class.

I decide to cut in, affronted at the bold claim.

Oy! I heard ... Saw that! Offense taken!

Hannah: there. You have just proven my point!

It's Quirrel!! Do you honestly expect me to pay attention!? Voldemort is attached to the back of his head! I ain't ever gonna pay attention!

Malfoy and the other males walk into the classroom just then, sneering slightly at me before taking up seats at the front of the classroom. Daphne walks in after him, she glances around the room and takes a seat behind me, on the back row.

Next to arrive are Pansy, Tracy and Millicent who spot me and come to sit down - blocking my easy-ish exit to the door.

"How was lunch? How are your sibli- would you rather we call them friends?" Tracy asks, smiling brightly as she takes the seat directly next to me, laying her books on her table.

"Friends is fine," I answer with an equally friendly smile, putting my book aside slightly so she can’t see it writing for itself.

"Okay," She shrugs happily as Quirrelmort walks into the classroom, his eyes sweep over us all, stopping slightly longer on Malfoy.

"Welcome, class," He begins, closing the door and walking to the front of the room, acting every bit the nervous wreck he wishes us to perceive. He picks up a short parchment on his desk and starts reading out names, Millicent Bullstrode, Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, Draco Malfoy, Theodore Nott, Pansy Parkinson, Tracy Davis, Louise Nelson and Daphne Greengrass.

After calling out our names, agonizingly slowly, he starts to talk, beginning his introduction to the lesson, in order to stay aware to the lecture, I try and copy down what he is saying.

"D-defense Against the D-dark Arts is a core class and subject t-taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In this class, you will learn how to magically d-defend yourselves against D-dark Creatures, the D-dark Arts, and other d-dark charms. Offensive magic is also taught in this class, such as how to d-duel, which requires the use of both offensive and d-defensive magic.

"We will be going over d-dark creatures first, namely werewolf bites and how to cure them, Gnomes and D-doxies, Snails, Imps, Bowtruckles, Ghosts, Gargoyles, Hags, Fire Crabs and Gytrashes. Today we will be starting with Gnomes."

The lecture continues, with Quirrel expertly stuttering every word beginning with a D, not as annoying as I had originally assumed it would be, thankfully, but the lesson is boring, he brings no spark or life to the way he teaches, droning on about the subject and leaving us to take notes. Getting bored and deciding I can read up on Gnomes after class, I take my Com-book back and catch up on the conversation.

Steph: aren't you guys in potions?

Megan: yes...

Steph: then why are you writing? Shouldn't you be paying attention to your potion?

Aren't you in Transfiguration, Steph?  I quickly but in,what are you doing writing?

Steph: I've already turned my match, so Hermione and I are supposed to be taking notes.

Gregor: we are supposed to be taking notes. No potion making for another couple classes. Gregor continues, I shake my head at them with a small smile, wishing desperately to be in one of their classes with them.

Adam: this is sad.

Wait! How come we are made to make a potion first day and you guys actually take notes and learn!? I ask. This is something Harry never learns, or mentions, in the books.

Hannah: we're more special than you guys

You wish!I snort back,laughing under my breath.

Feeling eyes on me, I look up to find Voldeyhead is in fact, looking at me, a slight frown on his face.

"Any-anything you would like t-to share Miss Nelson?” he asks me. I glare at him.

"Yeah. Do you have any air freshener sir? You see I find it quite hard to breath, all this garlic is affecting my lungs quite a bit" I reply, smirking as the three girls behind me snigger.

"P-pardon?" Voldeyhead's frown turned into a look of perplexity. I decide to talk slower and louder so as he can hear me.


"D-detention" He states firmly, I jerk back in surprise at the sudden authority.

"What? Why!?"

"For bad mouthing a t-teacher"

"I did not bad mouth you!?" I immediately defend, glaring in anger at him, A tiny part of my brain is telling me not to anger him, he IS part Voldemort, but as usual, I completely ignore common sense. "I was asking you to create a better learning environment." I snap at him.

"That will be two detentions Miss Nelson." I smirk as I notice the lack of stutter, I'm getting to him.

"I am not accepting any detentions unless you improve the state of the class, ever heard of a cleansing spell?"

Instead of answering, Quirrelmort goes to his desk and writes something, then comes back around and gives it to me. I reluctantly take the paper, nose wrinkling as the garlic smell increases at his closeness.

"T-take that to Professor McGonagall, please." I notice he reintroduces the stutter but just roll my eyes and shut my book, putting it in my bag.

"And where will I find her, sir?" I ask.

"In her classroom." I blink.

"Sir, this is my first day here, how on earth am I supposed to know where her classroom is?"

"Just go!"

"All right, don't get your turban in a twist." A snark as I walk out the classroom, heading towards a nearby empty classroom and pulling my book back out.

Then a sudden grin comes to my face as I remember in the books Fred and George whack Voldemort’s head with snowballs. Then I get a BRILLIANT idea.

A prank war. And not just any old prank war. A magical prank war. Against the Weasely twins.

Grinning at my brilliant idea, I settle on a chair, smirking at the thought of actually going to McGonagall.

Hey, Steph? Is Minnie busy? I ask, getting a quick reply, as I had expected.

Steph: Uh, not really, why?

I've been sent to see her.

Hannah: and why is that?

Adam: What did you do?

Steph: Why?

I refused Detention.

Katherine: And why were you getting Detention?

I complained about the cleanliness - or lack thereof - in the classroom.

Gregor: You're in Defense right now, aren't you?

Nope, I'm currently sitting in an unused classroom.

Katherine: Are you skiving?!

No! I quickly defend myself, I got sent to find Minnie but I don't know where her class is so I gave up.

Adam: You've found all the other classes quickly enough.

Yes, I concede, but he doesn't know that. So I'm taking the rest of the period off. I'll head to charms early, I think.

Steph: I doubt McGonagall will do anything, she'll probably just take some house points off. Come down here!

Nope. I'm on strike.I declare, I'm gonna go read up on Gnomes, I may as well do something useful whilst I'm here. I decide, closing the book before waiting for any replies and taking my Defense book out, finding the right page and settling down to begin reading.

'A gnome, or garden gnome, is a magical creature commonly known to infest the gardens of wizarding households. The correct taxonomical name for gnomes is, purportedly, Gernumbli gardensi, or sometimes referred to as Gernumblies. They are found throughout Europe and North America. A gnome in the Muggle world is an inanimate statue that looks like a small Father Christmas.'  For the rest of the period, I continue on like thus, losing myself in the blandness of simple learning and note taking.


The End

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