Market Day

It is a mix and jumble of everything on market day. I technically don't have to go, but I can't help it. It is the only time I can be around people that don't think I ruined their life.

Today we need basic groceries and various trimmings. I have some money on my scanner, so I take off for the stop. I guess it used to be a bus stop, but when they slowly died, due to the pollution, they were replaced with Arrohs. Depending on what day it is, they have them come by every now and then. On the week days, they come every hour. Since today is Saturday, they come every fifteen minutes. I only have to wait for about three minutes, and then I am climbing the retractable steps.

I go to wards the back. I duck down so no one can see me. Not that I am paranoid, but I was raised always looking over my shoulder. And, seeing what will happen soon, it might be good for me to refresh my evasive skills.

As soon as the last person sits down, the scanner makes sure no one is in the aisle, and then we shoot off. Apparently, there used to be people driving buses and cars and such. That would be why there were so many deaths from car accidents. Now, the Arroh drives itself. It can sense if something is in the way of its path and it will jump into the air until the ground is clear again.

When it is my stop, I jump out and head for the building. It is actually five buildings, connected to each other by walking tubes. They surround a park area where many teens are relaxing in the pond and talking at the picnic benches. I can't believe people actually used to think it was fun to get malaria while you eat. I enter the building with the sign announcing "edible".

The End

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