Yup, My Life Stinks

I guess they knew, from my first minutes in this world. From my first breath. When I was born, my mother cried. I know that probably doesn't mean much, since it seems to hurt, even for normal children. But, my mom had the highest level of unpainers available. She was awake to see me.

So awake, in fact, that she knew I was her baby. She had the test done several months earlier, and they revealed that I was a healthy girl, most likely intelligent, probably beautiful. That is normal, though. That is what she asked for. What she saw, was a girl. With the veiled eyes of age. A girl with snowy white hair, covered in blood. She saw me, and cried.

She cried the tears of an old lady, a lady that has lost everything to disaster. The tears of pain, of losing the world. Not exactly a good thing to do when you see your baby. The baby you have held in your body for nine months. Your fourth child.

Even now, she looks at me, and tries to find the child she wanted. The daughter I should have been. The daughter she has vowed to never have. She will never have another child. For fear  that they would become like me. For fear they would become an Adapter.

For although they say we are "gifted", they want to steal us, brainwash us. So we won't "use our powers for evil". As if we would. Really, what they want is to study us. They take us, as soon as we are teenagers, and ship us off to the City. They have a hospital/research center. They will pump you full of chemicals, test you for intelligence, and ultimately, end up killing you. Way before your time.

That is why I must run. To save my self, and my family. Because they will do tests on my mother, father, siblings, cousins, everyone related to me by blood. But, they can only do these tests, once they prove without a doubt, that that I am an Adapter. And I am.

The End

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