My "Gift"

Last is me. I, Kali, am the last child my mother will ever have. I have scared her dream from her. Her dream was to have the biggest family on the street. Now her dream is to survive to see her grandkids. I could tell you what I look like. But what would be the point in that?

I could tell you about my elbow length, wavy auburn hair. I could tell you about my almond shaped, emerald green eyes. My little, snub nose, with the little point on the tip. My full lips that always look like they have too much lipstick on. I could tell you what a freak I feel like. I could tell you about what a freak I really am.

But, really, what good would it do anybody to know what I look like. No one will ever recognize me. If they wanted to find me, they wouldn't need to know what I look like.

One second, I have long red hair and green eyes. Blink, and suddenly, I have black hair cut into a bob, and average hazel eyes. I can change my appearance at will. That is why everyone wants me. Well, everyone but my family. Aside from my father, they all wish I was never born. All I can do for them is cause trouble. Trouble with serious consequences. That is why I must run away. To save my family.

The End

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