One of the brave souls is my father. For, even though he is a simple mechanic, many things depend on him. For instance, the engine room at the saucer factory. But, more presently, my entire existence is based on his faith in me.

My mother is too concerned with her " real " children. The ones that actually have a hope of a future. My future was doomed before I was born. Doomed to repeat my past.

I was born in what seems like a different world. In the year 2997, in the seventh month, on the ninth day, there was a scream. A scream that marked many things. The beginning of my life. The end of my future. Another battle in an ever going war.

In the almost thirteen years since that day, I have grown and learned. I can be the mouse, you know it is there, but can never catch it. I can be the snake, slithering out of any tight spot. I can be the hornet, ready to strike down all in my way.

With only three months until I turn thirteen, every moment has to count. The moment I turn into a teenager, I will have to be far away. I will have to leave my house and hide from them. I will be the ultimate dilinquent. A " mastermind " since I was born. They knew I was here. But they didn't know where. They will soon.

Too soon....

The End

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