Chapter one, Part one

"Circumstances have changed. The world is not like it was before. You have been taken, maybe now you can both prove your worth..."

I woke with a start, opening my eyes to see the familiar rafters of my small attic room. The rough wooden floors were cold on my bare feet as I stood up, wrapping my blanket around my shoulders. My hair, brown and ordinary, and getting longer all the time, was falling out of it’s braid. I undid the plaits, watching the strands of my hair fall in front of my face.

My nightgown reached past my knees as I padded across the room to the window, throwing open the shutters and watched the tops of the trees sway in the morning breeze. It blew around my room, waking me up more and making me shiver. The sun was just peeking through my window as I stepped behind a simple screen to change out of my nightgown and into a simple white shirt, and over that an even simpler brown dress. Over that went a white apron and on my feet were black shoes made of something between cloth and leather. They were very comfortable, and surprisingly sturdy. I grabbed a ribbon from the dressing table and separated my hair into three parts and braided it again, quickly, before going downstairs into the main part of the Manor. Lady Galfrey was about to wake up.

 “Good morning my lady,” I said, throwing open the curtains on her windows. They were paned with actual glass, in a thick wooden frame. I pushed them open a bit and let the cool morning breeze swirl around the room. Lady Galfrey shivered in her bed, sitting up and wrapping the blankets around her.

“Girl, close that window, I might catch a cold,” she said sharply. I pulled the window closed. That’s all I was really called around the Manor. Girl. Since I’d been found, wandering around the forest without any memories about how I’d gotten there, or anything. I couldn’t even remember my own name, everyone just called me Girl. They’d given me a position as a servant for Lady Galfrey, but I didn’t really feel like I belonged here, cleaning up after someone as spoiled and lazy as the lady.

“I apologize, my lady.” I muttered, then went about starting a fire in the grate. It was a cold autumn day, and I knew she’d probably want the fire. As I messed around with the flint and tinder, I heard Lady Galfrey get out of bed and move to behind the screen. I also heard the sounds of two of her other servants moving to help her dress in one of the many elaborately decorated dresses in the wardrobe. Finally, a spark shot into the wood and kindling in the fireplace and the fire started. I stood up, brushing my hands on my apron and stood to leave.

The End

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