June grabbed the phone as she walked toward the kitchen. The kids were off to school and this was her time. She grabbed cup of coffee and fixed herself a quick breakfast. Food and water, that's what she needed to combat this hangover. She was anxious to call Craig and see how he was faring after last night. She had met him two years ago in a chat room she'd wandered into. At first she was really shy and didn't say anything. But Craig was the one person who could draw her out and get her conversing.

And so he had; in the beginning they spoke only occasionally and about trivial things. The weather, her family, nothingness conversations that gave her a sense of security. She was comfortable in the fact that she was safe with him, that nothing would happen. Eventually they began flirting and speaking daily. At no time did she feel pressured, just comfortable. They soon became very close and June began to rely on him more and more for companionship.

Then a year later they decided to meet up. When they first began talking about meeting face to face June mentioned it to Kevin. He knew that she was speaking to a man, and he was not happy about it. She assured him that it was completely innocent. That there were no feelings between them, they were just friends. Kevin told her that if she did this, if she met him, he was leaving. June thought this was ridiculous and held off meeting Craig for a while. She really didn't know what to do. She wanted to respect Kevin's wishes, but his job as an international pilot meant he was gone a lot. And she was tired of being alone. Craig said all the right things. About how she deserved to be showered with attention. About how she was beautiful, witty, interesting, and fun.

One very lonely day she took the plunge and went to meet him. She didn't tell Kevin at first, knowing how he would react. She justified her actions by telling herself Kevin was always gone and nothing was going to happen anyways. Craig was just a friend. That first meeting had been perfect; she still remembered it now. They had video chatted many times but the butterflies in her stomach were still fluttering constantly as she walked into the little cafe where they'd agreed to meet. Craig was everything she had expected him to be. He was warm and affectionate, but also reserved. They talked about everything that day. She'd had to rush off to meet the kids after school because she had completely lost track of time. Soon they were meeting weekly for lunch. And those meetings were the highlight of her week.

When June realized that she was developing feelings for Craig she panicked. For two weeks she didn't talk to him. She wouldn't answer his calls and she blew off their lunch dates. She was lost. How could this have happened? She loved her husband. But too much time apart, and too much time with Craig had accomplished exactly what Kevin was afraid of. The next time he was in town she told him they needed to talk. Telling Kevin the truth, that she'd been sneaking around and met Craig all those times, was the hardest thing she'd ever done. He had taken the news quietly. The look of despair on his face had broken June's heart. He'd moved out the very next week. And she had started seeing Craig a week later. 

The End

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