They can tell. No one knows how they get the information, they just always know. We hoped and prayed that they might slip up this once. But it simply wasn't enough.

My whole family is average. Or what passes for average in this strange new decade. 3010 is very different than what historians say it was like in the steel age. Back when construction and destruction lived hand in hand.

The time capsule my parents dug up contained an ancient compact disk. When we finally found something to play it on, it had old news shows. The announcer with a bad hair cut talked so calmly about the massive wars that killed millions. Parents killing children, economic issues, world dilapidation. The horrors of times past. I am so glad they are all gone. I could not survive in a world of such constant fear.

Of course, my chances of survival are very slim in this time as well. Any sane person who knows what I am would turn me in the second they got the chance. They would turn in a girl that has been alive barely more than thirteen. They would do it for the reward. The huge treasure trove that is open to anyone who is brave enough. Because, I know, that if i was turned in, and escped, I would get revenge.

Of course, even nowadays, there are people that are not wholly sane. They are the brave souls that admit to being different. But, it is only when you are as different as me, that they lock you up for it.

The End

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