Changeing Memories

Standing there far from where I stood, I saw her; the little girl in pigtails, a Whinny the Poo bottle around her neck, walking off, hand in hand with her mother. As her pigtails bobbed in the wind, random strangers smiled, and she smiled back.

A little closer to my feet, was a young girl, not yet a lady, still a child, and yet not a baby. She stood in the market, huffing and puffing as she tried to keep up with her grandfather, passing the many stalls of fruits and vegetables down the side walk, looking with awe, as he tipped his hat off to the thousands of shop keepers and sales men. A free banana for the pretty little girl, and a pack of tic-tac from her grandfather, as she walked on her way.

Standing closer, was a lost young lady; still young to the eyes of an adult, but too old to be called a little girl. Lost and pale, standing in a crowd, drowning and gasping for air, she reached out to hold on to a raft, to find her way out of the stream of endless people. To find her own identity.

And at my feet, rising up from the ground, a mirror. Just a mirror. Looking back at me, a young lady. Beautiful and pale, with a sweet smile, and short cut hair. The crowd clears; the past vanishes at my feet, as i turn to look ahead, beyond my past. Beyond what was me.

There, standing in front of me, was a girl, too afraid to smile at strangers, for behind their smiles were ill intensions. She drove her grandfather to the market, and helped him hobble down the side walk, as she slowed her pace so as to keep in line with him, buying a pack of gum and chocolate bar from the small purse she kept with her. She stood on the shore still grasping for reality, but finally had a pretty good idea of it. She stood, week and frail to the beatings of time, but still stronger than she was years before. She stood on the shores of time, finally realizing, everything changes...
I stood at the shores of time, looking down at the changes I missed.
And will possibly continue to miss. Isn't that human nature, we are so busy looking ahead, that we forget to see what’s right in front of us...we forget to cherish what we're leaving behind.

Time is a hard task master. It won’t stop, or slow down, and will leave you behind if you let it. And we all let it slip away. It’s just...none of us can travel at the speed of time. Life is a lesson we won’t learn till it’s over, that’s just how it’s meant to be.  And when we realize are time is finished, and look back at the many things we have done, it is then we truly blessed we are. Memories left behind, are neither a source of sadness, or pain, or nostalgia, but a source of strength...strength to carry on, so that new memories can be made, new experiences.

In the end, none of us can keep up with time, but it isn't cruel, it gives us sweet memories to draw on, when we realize how far ahead we've really gone trying to catch up with it. In the end, we simply have to carry on...And that is all we can do, watch time change us, and allow it to make new memories. So that when it is over, when we reach the finish, we can draw on those memories and finally, learn the lessons we were meant to.

The End

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