I woke up and stretched realizing I was still in the cabin and had someone else's shirt on. I looked around for another person and slowly moved the wolf's head and got up. The wolf whined and stood up and wagged its tail. I looked at its paw and it was healed. The wolf started nudging me towards the bedroom in the hallway and walked in. I followed the wolf and sat on the bed. "What is it?" I said while petting its head and I saw the wolf getting bigger and stand on two legs turning into a really good-looking guy with brown hair, gray eyes, and a 6 pack.

I looked at the shirtless guy and thought why are all the super natural people hot? I asked "Seriously there are werewolves too, what am I in Twilight where I am going to be a clumsy stupid girl who does stupid stuff?" He just stared at me like this was not what he was expecting.

"You're not going to run or scream in terror or ask what's going on." He said in a dreamy husky voice.

"Umm No, and trust me I know that I'm stupid that I came here and I'm probably going to get killed, but that's what I get for not listening to Matt".

"I won't kill you and who's Matt?"

"My Friend who's going to kill me if you're not."

"So what else is there besides werewolves that you know of?"

"Vampires, that's why I compared it to twilight."

"Why are you being so mean to me, you just helped me."

"Because you're going to tell me something, keep me here, or force me to do something."

"I'm just going to repay you for helping me, I'll stay with you until I find a way to repay you."

"I'm sorry, but you'll probably be happier if you just stay here."

"I'm going with you, I'll bring you home."

"Kay," seriously what is with this guy, I can't get rid of him might as well just go along with it.

The End

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