When I got to the river, I started thinking what if it's not Matt, what if it's another vampire. Should I head back? But then what do I do if someone's in real trouble. Anyway I'm already to the river I can't back out now.

It was easy to find the tree that goes to the other side me and my dad used to go rafting and got out here. Then Nakida started pulling me across the tree and into the woods on the other side. "Stop! Seriously I'm going to fall you dork, Stop!," I had to run to keep myself from falling and almost ran into her when she stopped in front of a cabin wagging her tail. I unhooked her leash not wanting to be dragged somewhere else. The moment her leash was off, she ran back to the river. Great just great.

When I went up to the door the sun started going down perfect just what I needed no dog, no sun and no one knows I'm here. I leaned against the door trying to listen for any noises and after a minute I opened the door. It was like an old-fashioned long cabin house with an empty small room with a hallway going to other rooms. I stopped and froze when I saw a Silver-grey wolf with makings exactly like the ones I saw on the wolf pup a couple of years ago.

The wolf growled and yipped when it tried to stand. I looked at its paw, there was a puddle of blood around it and blood seeping from a gash that went down its leg. "Shh, Shh, It's okay I won't hurt you," I said in a calming voice, while I started ripping of the sleeve of my shirt. I'm glad I chose to wear a long-sleeved shirt today. I started thinking about my first aid class and I slowly approached the wolf and then when I started tying my sleeve around its paw, it whined and growled. "Shh, you big baby," I said while petting its head. I looked around and took off my shirt and wrapped it in a ball and put it in the wolf's mouth as a stress ball and continued tying my sleeve around its paw. When I was done I took my drool covered shirt out of its mouth. Guess I won't be wearing that. I opened the door and found it was pitch black outside, "Guess I'll spend the night here with you" I said to the wolf and laid down next to it and put its head on my lap and after a while I fell asleep.
??? POV

I changed back into human form and took her sleeve off my arm to see it already healed. I looked at her, she looked beautiful, sleeping I've dreamed of being able to see her up close, be able to touch her, talk to her. I slowly moved her onto my lap as to not wake her and stroked her hair and smelled her hair, it smelled like the woods, no perfume no scented soaps or shampoos just the woods. She was perfect as my mate should be, she even cared for a wolf that could have hurt her.

I looked down at her and paused at her bra, I felt tempted to take her now, but I want to wait for her to say I can. I took of my shirt and put it on her and kissed her forehead, I can wait for her. I know some wolves that have to wait for their mates to be born again, because their mates were already married when they found them, to old, or they just went too fast and didn't wait for their mate to be ready, but I won't make those mistakes. This is the first time I found my mate and I'm determined to keep her.

The sun was coming up so I set her down and changed into wolf form and put my head on her lap again.

The End

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