"MATT"  I  snapped  out  of  my  thoughts  and  I  couldn't  control  my  body  I wanted  her  blood,  I  wanted  her.  When  I  got  control  of  my  body  again  I  couldn't believe it, I almost did it with  her  I  almost  raped  the  girl  I  love,  I  need to get out of here. I grabbed a pen, paper and a snack and wrote, Stella I'm leaving to hunt, I'm so sorry I couldn't control myself. Don't leave the house for anything, you're going to feel a little weak when you wake up. Also here's a snack to help you get some sugar back into your body. Matt. I started thinking about what if she was my mate. In a few weeks I'll ask her if I can bite her and if she says yes I'll give some blood before I bite her, so there's no chance of her turning into a vampire. ??? POV "Where are you going with that note!" He yelled seeing the note, he bit my front leg and blood seeping from the new gash. I ran away with the note and found her dog waiting in her backyard like I asked her to. "Could you please give your master this?" "Sure, sure you're friendly, I like you my master, took me back to the woods again, I ran fast." The dog said while jumping up and down enthusiastically taking the note and going on and on about her master. "Thank you for all your help and everything over the years that you've told me, I hope I'll see you again. Oh and if your master gets lost could you please show her the way." I said and limped back over the river to the cabin and waited to heal. Stella's POV I woke up with a massive headache and remembered what happened. Snap crackle pop (one of my ways of saying *^*!) I almost did it with my best friend. I sat up and noticed a note on my lap, I read it while eating the snack. Then put on my shirt and bra. I went downstairs after a while and noticed Nakida wagging her tail with a note in her mouth. I took the note and it wasn't covered in drool weird and read it. Please go to your dad's land, cross the river at the broken tree, go straight and you'll find a cabin, go inside and you'll find me. At the end there was a paw print. I read it again and again, who sent me this, Matt probably, was he in trouble or something I grabbed Nakida's leash and changed into some hiking clothes and set off.

The End

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