All of a sudden he got serious. "I'm not letting
you out of the house till your birthday." "Why?" I said.
"Because something's wrong, something not human is in town, so I don't
want you to get hurt and you left without leaving a note about where you're going
or when you were coming back," Matt said, "Come on, it's starting to
get late." When we got into the house I asked him, "Wanna watch a
movie?" "Sure." "Which one?" "Hmm, how about
Ferngully," 'OMG I haven't seen that since I was a little kid," I
said while we laughed. After the movie was done I saw that Matt looked a little
different, "Matt you're Ok?" "Ah yeah why?" "No
reason... can I sleep in your room tonight?" "Okay," and we
walked into his room, Matt doesn't need to sleep, but he says that sleeping
calms him. Then drifted into a long sleep. When I woke up I noticed Matt's arm
around me tightened, I looked at him and saw his face look just like it did in
6th grade, "Matt... Matt." I shook him, "You need to go to the
woods and feed now. MATT! MATT!" That seemed to shake him from whatever
froze him and that was when I felt it, he kissed my neck then started to nibble
on it and bit down. I tried to push him away, the pain over taking my body then
pleasure unlike anything before. It felt like I wasn't in charge of my body
anymore. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my fingers found their way into
his hair tangling themselves and digging in wanting more of this pleasure. His
hands found their way up my shirt and unhooked my bra then slowly started to take
off my shirt. Then his lips found mine and my tongue entering his mouth tracing
his fangs. Then he moved away placing kisses down my face and neck until he
sank his fangs into the tender spot on my neck I started moaning Matt. I
started taking off his shirt and my body wrapped its legs around him trying to
hold him closer and he growled in pleasure. I felt a sharp pain and everything
went black. Matt's POV I felt her wake up, I need blood now I thought or else I
don't know what I'll do, I'm so stupid I noticed that her blood and only her
blood was smelling more and more delicious to me lately. I should have hunted

The End

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