"Matt let me
go," he pulled me closer until I could feel his breath on my face.
"Please tell me what's wrong, you can trust me." Then I felt pain
then pleasure everything went black. I woke up at his house with him crying and
saying sorry and if I'll still be his friend. Still I told him I'd be stupid if
I wasn't so he told me he was a vampire. Vamps aren't like anything I've read
about, they're strong, unusually hot, look perfect and well hot. They eat
animals and humans, they're weaker in the sunlight, they're fast, they can be
born as a vamp, but stop growing at about 25-ish. They can get powers and have
mind reading abilities, and they can find their mates by sharing blood with
them and then feeling a shock like getting electrocuted and not being able to
breathe. Matt read my mind again. "It's already been a year, but remember
your parents would want you to be happy. Change of subject what are we doing
for your B-Day next week?" "Don't change the subject to get out of
trouble and stop reading my mind."

He gave me puppy
dog eyes, "But it's so fun to when you put down your shield."
"That still doesn't give you permission to..." I definitely need to
remember to shield my thoughts from now on. All of a sudden he got serious.
"I'm not letting you out of the house till your birthday."

The End

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