I opened my eyes to find myself crying I wiped my tears away with my sleeve. I
don't like letting people see me cry. I hate the pity I get the whole
"what happened" when behind my back they say "she deserved it
that stupid bitch," I couldn't help laughing at myself. "Can't even
swear in my own mind." I muttered to myself. I sighed and pet Nakida, if I
didn't know any better I would have thought she was crying with me. "Come
on dork let's go home- back to Matt's house and get you a treat," I felt
thankful that my eyes don't turn red when I cry. The only person who notices
that I cry is Matt. As I passed my house I said, "what the, hey Nakida
wanna go for a run," she wagged her tail and gave me a puppy smile even
though she's almost 6 years old. I unhooked her leash and sprinted towards the
woods, my woods. Since my dad died technically I owned everything up to the
river. My dad told me to never cross it because there were wolves. When I was
around 12, I saw a young wolf a little bigger than a bagel on the other side of
the river with beautiful unusual markings that wrapped around its face and
eyes. It growled at me so I stayed there watching this beautiful, but dangerous
creature. It dared me to move so I just sat down. The wolf got confused and
lowered its hackles and stared at each other for the longest time. After a
while I gathered my courage and stood up and walked to the river and sat on the
bank, the wolf curiously did the same. I stretched out my hand, willing for the
wolf to come closer. The wolf looked at my hand snorted and ran back into the
woods. After running for a while and walking back we headed for Matt's house.
Before I opened the door I was tackled to the ground. "Where in the hell
were you? I was worried sick, why didn't you leave a note! I thought... I
thought." Matt yelled. "What?" I said while getting up. Matt was
possibly the hottest guy you'll ever meet. He had a cute boy smile, his hair
was a light shade of blond and hazel eyes with fleck of silver in them. We're
both in 10th grade but we live in his parents 2nd house. Don't ask me why they
have 2 houses they just do. AND HE IS JUST A FRIEND. I would NEVER EVER, EVER
have feelings for him. "I thought you tried to kill yourself."
"WHAT, I am not going anywhere. You'll miss me too much." I said and
stuck my tongue out. He hugged me so fast I didn't see him. "Stop using
your vamp speed." He started to stroke my head and said "Shhhhh.
Shhhhh it's okay for you to cry." I started to cry. "God I hate your
mind reading." "Come on you know you love it." I found out Matt
was a vampire in 6th grade when he looked weird during gym. He looked...
starved or like an animal so I told the teacher I needed to go to the nurses
office and he said to take someone with me. I grabbed Matt, he flinched and looked
at me. I dragged him through the hall until we got out of sight of the gym and
went outside. "Are you ok? What happened?" He just looked at me again
with this look I've never seen on him before and grabbed my hand in a steel
like grip.

The End

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