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8/22 Email
 Tampa, FL

Dear Friends and Family,

As I make my final preperations to leave the country, I wanted to send you all a note thanking you for the support you've given me in the last few months as I prepare to do one of the most exciting adventures I will encounter in this life. I am flying out this evening to Peru, and will arrive in Cusco around 10:30 tomorrow morning, where my adventure will be starting.  I feel very prepared, although I'm sure there are many things that will surprise me during my first few days of orientation.  I know that I will be living with a multigenerational family, including my host who is an elementry school teacher, her parents, and her son, Jacob, who is 3 years old.  I can't wait to meet all my new friends and "classmates" who will be learning and experiencing the Peruvian culture with me over the next 14 weeks!
Those of you on this list should be receiving periodical updates from me as I go along through email, and if you have any questions or concerns while I am gone, or about my trip and its progression, please contact Mom or James by phone. I will be taking many pictures and many notes, in an attempt to share with you all the way affects this trip will have on my life and those around me.  Please don't hesitate to contact me through this email address, as I will try to also stay in contact with all of you. Thank you again,R

The End

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