Aug 23 6:25am
Lima, Peru

Dear Journal,

This has been quite the fiasco. At least the troubles I am attracting are eating up some of the time for my long layover. It's amazing how busy this airport is at 4:30 in the morning. Of course, all the shops opened at 6:00, so there's not much surprise it's even busier at this moment.

I apparently neglected to  print out the flight info for this last leg of my arrival. Of course when I went to get my ticket, there was no indication of my reservation. Great. I searched for the telephones and found the bathrooms. Since I am taking a different airline later this morning, I have all of my things with me, and they must go everywhere I go.... what an adventure. Customer service informs me (in English thankfully) that the telephones are upstairs, to the right, turn left.

The phones turn out to be another really big ordeal. I've never had to call anyone internationally from another country... where are those helpful instructions? Maybe that is what we should have learned in a high school life skills class. This is an emergency and I cant figure it out! So I get flustered easily... I tried calling James collect so he could get in my email and look up the flight info. But apparently you cant call collect to a cell phone. Mom doesn't have internet access, and I don't know anyone else's land-line phone number. So I put in the one little coin that was hanging out in my pocket and get through to my program headquarters. Fortunately I get through (to a business at 5am) and find someone I can communicate with AND get a little information before the little coin ran out of calling purchase power.

Next I had to find a place to get more coinage and kill some time before "Marie" arrived in the office to answer more questions for me. After wasting a few more coins unsuccessfully trying to call James, I call Marie again and find out that I had the wrong airline. It is another waiting game at this point to see about getting that ticket that is (hopefully) ready for me to claim. I'm hungry and have to pee, but I may as well hold it until I can check my luggage instead of dragging it all over this tiny airport again. What a way to spend my first few hours in this country!

The End

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