Changed Life

As a young woman travels to South America, she finds that life can be quite different than what she had realized back at home.

Aug 22 8:00pm 
Tampa, FL 

Dear Journal,
It is amazing to take off during sunset. In fact, it is awesome; As in full of awe, not the annoying surfer dude 'awesome', but truly deserving of my silent admiration and awe. I noticed as we taxied out of the terminal that the sun was starting to hide and turn the entire horizon orange- clouds and all. As we took off, however, I realized that the higher we rose, the more sun I could see. And thus I witnessed my first reverse sunset. Awesome.

Soaring through those clouds, a settling feeling comes over me with the enjoyment I experience every time I fly. It is a rare something that I really, really love.  My face remains plastered to the window as I absorb the view of the city, of the bay, of the magnificent clouds in all of their forms and shapes and colors. The feeling starts to fade a bit as my mind begins to wonder into the many things I need to remember.

I cant forget to put on a warmer shirt when I get to Lima. Speaking of, I must try to wear a different outfit on the way home- I don't want to be wearing the same outfit in my leaving pictures as the coming back ones. Haha. That is three months away- how am I going to remember? Three months... I really am crazy! What am I doing? It is a bit too late to change my mind. And I have shed plenty of tears this week, worried that I am making the wrong choice. Worried that it will be too hard. Maybe I should just take a little nap instead.

The End

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