The Hearts Desire...

Rebecca disappeared behind the rows of books. Whilst she was gone I looked out the window. The woman saw me looking and forced the five onto the floor. She took something out of her belt which caught the sunlight. My eyes opened wide with shock. It was a knife.

The five of them looked up. I saw that their faces were no longer blank. The woman beckoned to me to come out. I did. Grace followed, for she had seen the same as I.

I opened the door. The woman looked at me and smiled. It was the same smile as when I had first seen her. She was no longer playing tricks with me, making me feel comfortable in her presence. She wanted to torcher me. I remembered what Rebecca had said; she cannot harm you physically. But how about emotionally?

“Hello Megan.” Her voice was once again sickly sweet. But this time I did not flinch or shiver. She had no power over me.”You shouldn’t have run away. You have something that belongs to me.” This confused me but I didn’t have time to think about it.

She took Charlie’s hair and pulled his head back, exposing his neck. He coughed out and my stomach tightened into a knot. She placed the knife against his throat.

            “Give him his heart back and I will let him go free.” She said; her voice deadly and quiet.

            “Don’t listen to her Megan.” Charlie croaked out. His Adam’s apple scratched against the knife, cutting his skin. I saw a small trickle of blood dribble down his neck. She pressed the knife closer.

            “Wait.” I held out my hand. “I don’t understand. I don’t have his heart.”

She laughed.

            “Don’t trick me.” I didn’t know what to do.

           “I’m not tricking you. I honestly don’t know what you mean.” She loosened her grip on Charlie. Charlie pushed the knife away. He stood up and walked towards me.

           “I gave you my heart. For safe keeping.”  He gave me a quick smile.


            He took my hands in his “Before she took me, I told you, I love you.” I froze. Charlie? Love? Heart? I began to shake. The woman drew me out of my never-ending questions.

           “I would hurry up if I were you. People are going to die around here otherwise.”  

             I looked back at her. She now had her hand on Christina’s head, the knife pressed into Christina’s neck. I looked back at Charlie.

             “For love.” He said and then he kissed me. I felt my heart warm up and tingle. I didn’t want it to end. The next thing I knew Charlie was being dragged back to the woman. She placed her hand on his heart and leant down. They kissed. But it was such a cold kiss. I couldn’t look. I yelled at the others to come into the library. As they were running up the steps the blank faces turned on us. Jake and Mark turned to face them yelling at us to get inside.

              The others did but I ran down the steps and kicked the woman’s legs. She collapsed to the floor. Charlie fell down beside her. She reached out with her knife and went to stab him. Mark jumped on top of her and she screamed out. With her attention off the blank faces they slowly began to come too. Jake ran passed me, telling me to get everyone inside whilst he got Charlie. I rounded the children up and pushed them up the stairs. Jake followed me in with Charlie. I looked back at the woman and my knees gave way. She looked taller, more beautiful than before. She was holding Mark by the throat, his feet off the floor.

             He was struggling. She made sure she had my full attention by yelling out,

           “Say goodbye to your little friend Megan.” And then she stabbed him. Again and again. I screamed but no noise seemed to come out. Jake grabbed me and dragged me inside, slamming the door on the horrible image. It was a dream, it had to be. The children were looking at me, their frightened eyes darting to-and-fro in confusion. I had to be strong.

The End

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