About an hour later the door was opened and the woman glided in, a smile on her face.

            “Megan?” She asked. I pushed myself as far into the corner of the room as possible, still curled up on the bed. This wasn’t easy as I was tied to the other side of the bed. “Megan?” The woman repeated. I looked at her. Her face looked somehow softer, less evil. She smiled at me and I didn’t shiver. “I’m sorry for what has happened to you. You are stronger than I thought.” I looked at her in confusion. “It seems that I cannot turn you.”

I was given some bread and ham with a glass of water. It was brought to me by a boy I didn’t know. He had a limp in his left leg. He brought me all my meals over the first few days. I talked to him, even though he didn’t respond. I didn’t know if he could hear me but it felt better to let my emotions out. As I didn’t know his name he became known as Limpy to me.

Five days after my capture I was moved into a larger room. This one had a window which looked out across the valley in which we were in. It was morning and I was expecting my breakfast, and a ‘chat’ with Limpy. But when the door opened it was not Limpy who came in. It was Grace. I almost cried out with joy. But her face was colourless, her eyes distant and unfocused, and her walk was unnatural. It wasn’t her. I ran over and grasped her arms.

            “Grace.” I called out, hoping that she might respond. I shook her but she didn’t flinch. Instead she walked over to the table and placed my food down and walked out.

I went and picked up my slice of toast. I glanced back at the door and noticed it hadn’t been closed. I walked over to it and peered out. There was no-one there. I stepped out and walked down the corridor. Before I had reached the end, Tom stepped out in front of me, blocking my way.

           “Tom?” I reached out to touch him and he drew back. A laugh from behind him drew my attention.

          “Now, now Tom. Let the girl wander. It will do her no harm to explore the house.” The women pushed passed him and stood in front of me. “How are we this morning?” She asked. “I am sorry I haven’t had much time to talk to you lately.”

She didn’t stop for long so I continued my walk around the house. There wasn’t much. All the rooms were bare with only a few steel-framed beds inside, I assumed for the blank faces. One room was blocked with a locked door. I guessed it was the woman’s. All this time Tom had been following me, watching me with those expressionless eyes. I walked to the window which faced the library and gazed with a longing at it. How I wished I was safe within the worlds inside the books.

Once I was back in my room I cried again. I cried until I had no more tears to give. I cried until I fell asleep. For some reason I remember this dream. I don’t think it had any importance to my situation but I remembered it all the same.

It was dark. I could see a boy running across a garden. He was chasing something. I concentrated on him and noticed he had a limp. It was Limpy. I then focused on what he was chasing. It was a small white cat. Female from its build. They had made it to the wire which had made itself up to bar their way. The cat crawled through and Limpy jumped after it, falling on the other side. The cat had made it to a stone wall, which hid a huge wood behind it, and jumped over it. Limpy stumbled up and walked over to the wall and stared up at it. It was too tall for him to cross. He walked back to the wire and climbed over it. A movement from the wall caught my eye. A black cat had leapt over it. As it made it to the wire it slowed and hid itself, from Limpy, in a tuft of grass. I focused on it. It was also female, but slightly larger than the white cat, which I had noticed was lying next to it. I gasped for the white cat was covered in blood. Limpy hadn’t noticed the cats and was back at the house which belonged to the garden.

That was where my dream ended. I didn’t find out what happed to the cats, or Limpy, or why he was chasing them in the first place. Maybe it was just a random dream. I dressed and sat by my table. Grace brought my breakfast in. I tried again to draw her out of the lifeless body. I didn’t speak for I feared that Tom would be listening at the door. He seemed to be the woman’s ‘pet’; her favourite blank face. I noticed that Graces eyes had a little more shine than usual. I shook her and she blinked. She opened my mouth so I quickly told her to be quiet. She was back! I couldn’t believe it.

The End

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