Ten minutes later and we were getting impatient. They hadn’t come, which was good, but we didn’t know where’d they gone. Tom went out to look. He walked out onto the road and faced the way we had come. And then he froze. I nearly went over to him, but then I saw the woman. She appeared from behind the house in which garden we were hiding in. She must have known we had been there. She walked towards Tom. Her arm outstretched. I cowered behind the tree, my hands in my ears. It must have been over quickly because when I next looked up the woman was stood right next to me. Her head was slightly tilted. I could tell she was enjoying this. I looked around for Tom. He was stood just behind the woman. His face as hard as stone. I felt a tear run down my face.

 I was alone and this was the end.

             “Time’s up, dear.” I looked back at the woman. Her arm was slowly rising. “Let’s stop running now and accept what’s going to happen.”

             I shook my head. “But I don’t understand why you’re doing this.” I yelled back.

             “No, you don’t. And you never will.” She leaned into me and I smelt her breath. Roses. That’s what it smelt of. I would never have guessed that. But I supposed it matched. Her voice, her glare and her breath, all sickly sweet.

I ducked under her arm and ran out into the main road. A blue mini with a white top was driving towards me. The man inside was bold and looked tired. He swerved to avoid me. I yelled at him to help me. The mini slowed down and the man leaned out of the window.

            “What was that?” He yelled back. I was about to repeat my request but then two arms wrapped around my waist and neck. I screamed out. The man in the car stepped out in alarm but stopped. The woman was standing across the road and with just one smile he was back in the car and driving away, a blank expression on his face.

I reached down and took my capturer’s hand and bit down hard. There was no sound from behind me, but the tension from around my waist and neck was released. I took the advantage and struggled free. I ran. I ran and didn’t stop. I didn’t look back. I just ran.

Night was falling so I slowed down. I didn’t know where I was. I looked around. There was no sign of the women or the children. Or Tom. I noticed a large building which was boarded up. I walked around it and found a door which was slightly ajar. I pulled it and it opened, slowly. I went inside and closed the door behind me. There was a slight light coming in through the cracks in the board from the sun which was setting on what I hoped wouldn’t be my last day.

I peered into the darkness. Slowly my eyes grew accustomed to the light. I was in a shopping mall. This confused me. It was the only large place for shopping I had come across. So why was it boarded up? In the centre of the mall was a sofa display. The sofas looked pretty dusty but I didn’t care. I was tired and I needed to sleep. I was pretty sure that no-one, not even that witch, could find me in here.

I must have fallen asleep pretty fast and slept for a long time. When I awoke there was banging on the boards from outside the mall. I slipped myself behind the sofa I was sleeping on, which was pressed up against another sofa. I had just managed to pull myself into the small gap when I heard a cracking noise. They were in. I tried to keep as quiet as I could.

I screamed when I felt two hands grab my jacket and pull me out from my hole. It must have been the same person, for it held me around my waist and neck. I looked at the hand around my waist and saw a red circle where I had bitten it. But even this did not satisfy me.  

I was dragged back to the woman, who was stood outside the mall, and thrown down in front of her. I looked up to see who my capturer was and gasped. Tom? My eyes began to fill with tears.    

I was frog-marched back to the woman’s house and locked in a small room. There was no window, just a steel framed bed and a small dull lamp. I curled up on the bed and cried. I was so confused. I didn’t know what was going on and I was scared; in fact, I’d never been so scared in my entire life.

The End

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