The Woman...

Ten minutes passed and there was still no sign of them. I began to fidget. In the end I couldn’t stand it.

            “I’m going in and telling them to get out!” I stood up and marched over to the door. I could hear laughing from inside and so I pushed the door open. It was a mess. There were clothes everywhere. I stepped in amongst the mess. “Come on guys. We’ve got to get back before nine. Please come back.” All I could hear was laughing. I walked into the next room and found the four of them rolling around on the floor, their sides splitting with laughter.

              “It’s just a bit of fun.” Jake managed to gasp out. I just frowned at them.

Then, all of a sudden, the front door flew open with a loud bang. That shut them up. We were behind a pile of boxes within seconds. The sound of footsteps approached the room and the door swung open. I peered around the edge of the boxes.  A beautiful women with pale skin, blonde, long hair and bright red lips stood in the frame. Her black eyes scanned the room, taking in the mess that the others had caused. She cleared her throat and then looked straight at me. I gasped and pushed myself back behind the boxes.

Then her voice sang out. It was the sweetest, thickest thing I have ever heard, almost like chocolate melting in your mouth. It made me feel sick.

            “You children just want a bit of fun, don’t you?” She gave a little high pitched laugh. All the hairs on the back of my neck pricked up. I shivered. “Please come out. I want to see your pretty little faces.” A movement to my side drew my attention. Jake and Christina had stood up. Charlie grasped Christina’s hand and tried to pull her back down, Mark tried the same on Jake, but they only had eyes for the women.

             “That’s it. Come closer.” Her voice sounded so fake and her smile made my eyes water. This wasn’t right. I looked over at Mark and Charlie. They were shaking. Charlie looked at me. His eyes were full of fear.

              “What shall we do?” He mouthed at me. I shrugged my shoulders and looked back at the woman.

It all happened at once. She reached out and touched their shoulders; their faces went deathly pale and blank. The woman’s head was thrown back as she let out a blood curdling scream and Charlie, Mark and I ran. As we made it to the door I screamed across to the other three to run, but they were already beside us. They must have seen the woman go in and heard the scream. All my hairs were standing on end.

What was happening?

We arrived back at the hotel out of breath. It was dead on nine o’clock. We looked at each other, trying to shake off the fear that gripped us. We walked to our rooms in silence. As we got back to ours I asked the dreaded question.

               “What do you think happened?” Rebecca shrugged.

                “You should know better than we do. You were in there. Who screamed?” I explained what happened, all the while the other two girls’ eyes widened in shock.

                “If they haven’t turned up by tomorrow we’re going to have to tell someone.” I concluded. They nodded and we retired to bed.

They hadn’t turned up the next morning. We told the teachers that they had disappeared, but we didn’t say where or when. Since when would the teachers believe us anyway? We sat at the breakfast table in silence. None of us ate anything, we just picked at our food.

After breakfast two police officers arrived. We were asked about when we last saw them and we all lied, saying that they had come back with us and got into bed at the same time as us. The police officers nodded and then said they would mount a search. I wanted to tell them about the women and the house but I held my tongue. They would just laugh at me.

We were taken on a guided tour of the town that afternoon. We had to team up with another group, who were a lot more enthusiastic than we were. We just dragged our feet at the back and were lost in our own world. The only time we did come back to the world around us was when the guide, a sharp nosed tall man, pointed out the library. We all looked up and glanced across the road to the house. It didn’t look threatening or strange. But we knew the horrors that lay inside. As I looked closer I was sure I could see a face at the window and see the smile that made my eyes water and my hairs stand on end. I heard the sweet voice say those words of calling that had drawn Christina and Jake into her grasps.

I fainted.

The End

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