It is about a girl whose parents died so then her friends and family takes her in along with her dog. Later she gets a note that tells her to go back to her dads land. It has a supernatural twist, but you'll have to read to find out...

It's been one year since my mom and dad died. I'm an only child so the only part of my family that's left is my dog Nakida, she's a boxer, hound, lab mix. She's a dork and can get hurt doing anything. She has a beautiful black coat with brown booties and same markings of a rottweiler on her face. I see myself as less than average, I have straight brown hair with blond highlights that go to my shoulders and I have an hourglass figure that I hate cuz' I look anorexic, but I am not. I have hazel eyes that change with my mood and a horrible fashion sense that my friends say they would die for too, but I have an awesome life and friends that I wouldn't ever give up. I brought Nakida on a walk with me to my old house that's just a burnt spot on the ground. I closed my eyes and saw the flames burning the house with my parents inside not knowing I went into the woods behind the house.

The End

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