The best friend

My latte had been finished for hours, my salad for lunch was mostly gone, work was almost finished, and my feet were killing me.

I slipped my pumps off my feet, walked to the office door and delicatly shut it. I jumped up and down a few times, before I did 25 jumping jacks and 20 burpees. I always got so bored near the end of work, and needed some blood pumping through my veins so I could finish the day off strong.

I was just about to start my seventeenth burpee when a knock came on the door. I stopped, caught my breath and put my hands on my hips.

"Come in John."  I said. He always came in to see what all the racket was about. Usually John came in about five times a work day to check up on me. He's had a secret little crush on me since the second day I've worked here. Which will be six years at the end of this month, April.

The knock came again.

I crossed the floor in my barefeet and opened the door. A man was standing there, looking taller than I'd ever seen him. He looked a little shy, and uncomfortable, as if this sudden change in height was still so new to him. He was my ex-boyfriend, Ty's, best friend.

"Noah, what a pleasant surprise." I smiled, "Come on in."

He walked through the open door, looked up for a few seconds, then glued his eyes back to the floor. I shut the door once again, and took a seat back in my rolling chair.

"Sit down Noah, make yourself comfortable." I said as I pointed to the chair across the desk from me.

He sat down, and looked at my name tag. In fancy gold letters it read : Aly Jones. My boss John had a little giggle everytime he saw it, and wasn't planning on getting it replaced anytime soon.

Noah chuckled, and pointed to the name tag. He looked up and smiled his gorgeous baby face smile.

"I see you havn't gotten that changed yet. What has it been, 3 months?" He said.

"Yes, it's been that." I replied back, looking at the back of the name tag.

We sat in silence.

"So Noah, what brings you to my office?"





The End

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