"Aly." My boss walked into my office.

"John, I just got in. I havn't had a chance to look over how the Smiths inspection went." I replied, not looking up from the papers I was sorting through on my desk.

I was sitting in my nice comfortable rolling chair, that my ex-boyfriend had given me as a christmas present this past christmas. He hated when I complained about the crappy chair I had had since I was a teenager, and how it hurted my back. It was a present i'll never forget. Everytime I sit in it, I think of him and how proud he was he had thought it up all by himself to give to me as a gift. It was a very nice chair, and very thoughtful of him.

"I wasn't coming in here to talk to you about that, Aly." His voice grew annoyed.

I looked up. "John, you know how busy I am, I have to take care of all of Vera's clients, plus my own. They're needy on their own, I don't need you to be in my face too." I looked back down, sorting through the papers once again.

"It wasn't my idea to fire Vera. It was yours." He walked out.

I looked up. And smiled. Of all things that my boss has said to me, that made me the happiest. Yes, it was me who wanted him to fire Vera. She was a snob. She took all the good clients for herself and bribed them into buying an expensive house so she could use the extra cash to make her boobs bigger. And with her big boobs she'd steal all of her co-workers boyfriends, right from under their noses. Getting fired just taught her a valuable lesson in life. Not too mess with Aly MacDonald.






The End

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