A story of a woman who meets a man, who changes her life forever...

Watching him.
Watching me.
Watching everyone else.

Typical. You see an attractive person in the street, that finds you attractive too. You just look, as they look, and then look away. Then look back and smile. And they smile. You walk past eachother, and never look back. Just go on with your day. Like every other day, in this busy life, on this busy street, in this busy city.
But today you feel different.

Today is the day my life changed. I think it changed for the better. But you'll have to wait and decide that for yourself.

He saw me first. At least thats what he tells me. The first time I saw him, we were in line for a coffee down at Starbucks. My routine, a cafe latte with skim milk & no sugar, at 8:30 am before work. I walk there in my fancy work clothes and my fake face & hair done up like a model. I walk in my comfy shoes, that do not match my outfit for a few blocks, before I pull my pumps out of my purse and slip them on. Then I walk into my building, this horrible building where I must work for 9 hours everyday. My routine.

I walk up the stairs, because it just seems so pointless to take the elevator, to be stuck with these people I don't really like more than I have to in a day. Plus, I get some extra practice walking in these wretched shoes. My routine.

So then, as I come up to my floor, a little bit sweatier than I want to be, I open the door, and walk past the people I pretend not to notice, and strut right into my office and shut the door. My routine.

My neat freak office is nothing like my home. Its so ocd clean, it makes me want to scream. According to my boss our clients don't like it when they see the person they're paying to represent them, and their home..and of course their money in an un-organized manner. I say its ridiculous. This is my office, I should be able to do whatever the heck I want to it. My routine.

Sadly, my routine never changes. This is life. Sometimes I may get an odd day, where I personally show some of my clients a new listing, or help them get their house ready to be a new listing. But, most days its always the same ol' thing. Except for today.

Today, when I stood in line at Starbucks to order my skim milk no sugar cafe latte, 5 minutes later than usual, my life took a huge turn. A turn on the road, the path, I was stuck on. You think I'd be grateful for it, considering how negative and depressed I was everyday. But, sometimes I find it even more frustrating than my old depressing life. At least I had a choice to walk those 7 blocks to work, and a choice to wear my pumps up the stairs, and a choice to spend 9 hours in my ocd clean and organized office. This.., this change that happened, was not my choice. And that didn't seem right.






The End

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