"Sam... This is Andria." Sam barely took one glance at the girl, simply said no, and turned to leave.

"Sam? You don't even-" Taylor followed him, the girl, Andria following Taylor like a lost puppy. I sighed. I already didn't like her. She looked sweet. Innocent. I couldn't give my opinion though. I was just like her two years ago. I looked her up and down. She was well off. On the outside, she needed to go back home. I didn't know what happened to her though, what thoughts ran through her head. Another reason I couldn't object.

"No, Taylor." Sam pointed at me. Everything he needed to say, said in that one gesture. I was another lost puppy Taylor had brought home. Andria looked at me, instant hatred. I could see it in her eyes. She was giving me a death glare. What I had done? Consciously nothing. Taylor glanced at her and her face was this sudden display of happiness as she stared back at him. He smiled back. Sam looked sick.

"Hello..." I called from my perch. I was sitting on top of a car. Just for the heck of it. Andria's façade went back to annoyed, Sam looked irritated and Taylor... was just Taylor. He winked. I mentally swooned.

"Hey Nikki, this is Andria."

"Hey." She faked the sweetest smile. I changed my mind. Perhaps, she wasn't the childlike chick she first appeared to be. Sam seen her fakeness, I could tell; so could I.

 I slid off the car, and started my walk towards them. "Got a nickname, Lovey?" I slid around the obstacles; the garage was a mess.

"Uh, no?" It was more a question, than a statement. I smirked, "well, then, I deem thee... Andy. Mmkay?" I paused in front of them. Andria looked slightly freaked. Sam's annoyance suddenly flipped to me.

"Nicalleigh, don't help!" I grinned while Taylor mouthed a thank you. He wouldn't be so happy if he knew my intentions weren't pure...

The End

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