1.4 Crash

"Oh enough about the shop. How are you, Hailey?" asked Gilbert. "Did you do anything interesting in the school year? Or maybe meet new friends?"

"You know I don't socialize much. I don't really have a friend in college. I'm pretty much busy with my assignments anyways."

"Wait... What about that guy you told me you were interested in last year?" asked Claire.

"Guy?" All of the male employees turned to look at Hailey.

"What?" asked Hailey looking confused.

"Oh my dear child. You never told me anything about a guy. Ah, you must be growing up now."

"Um, thanks Gilbert, but that guy is not even suitable. He's more like a jerk." I took a sip of the latte and continued to look back at them wondering what they could possibly thinking that is so interesting.

"Did you try to date him?" ask Gilbert. He looked anxious for something but I don't understand. I knew I sucked at love, but what more did they want from me?

"Um... isn't the guy supposed to ask the girl that?" I asked innocently.

"Well of course, malady. Would you like to go out with me?" A voice came from the doorway.

The End

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