1.1 Crash

It's been a week since the end of school and I had yet to start my essay. How was I to give in a perfect piece when I had absolutely no idea what to write about?

I walked down the stairs early in the morning to find my dad sitting upright on the couch. However, he was staring intently at the screen of the television. At least he was up unlike his usual snoring until noon.

"What would you like for lunch today?" I asked without looking at him and walked straight into the kitchen. I got the typical silence that he would give me.

I looked in the fridge and found nothing. There wasn't even a scrap of leftover food. All I could assume was that my dad had eaten everything during the middle of the night.

I went back to the living room and saw a huge mess on the little counter top and on the floor. I gathered up all the beer bottles and cans and tossed them out to the recycle bins outside of the house. As for the rest, I just dumped them into a big black plastic garbage bag and dragged that outside as well.

According to my relatives, ever since my mother passed away, my dad has been moping around and doing nothing each day. She had passed away giving birth to me. Due to an overwhelming wave of sadness, my dad didn't even bother to look at me when I was born. He was so caught up in his depression that he blamed me for her death. Maybe it was my fault, maybe it wasn't. I would never know.

However, because of that, I was raised by my aunt and uncle on my mother's side. They were really nice to me and gave me a great start in life. In addition, they taught me the basic needs of life. I learned how to cook, sew, and how to protect myself in many different situations. I also had a good education.

Yet one day, I had to move back with my dad. I couldn't just be cared for forever. Besides, my family wasn't poor. Before all of this, my mother and father both had really good jobs that had supplied a good pay. According to the will, my mother left everything to me; the money, the house, and everything else belonged to me. I took use of the money to take care of my father and myself.

We never really got along though... my dad and I. He never spoke to me and did things his own way. All I did was occupy a room in the house and used the facilities. He went in and out as he pleased. If it weren't for me, he would probably still be living off beer and snacks. At least now he was able to have some decent meals.

When I think about it, I could write about how not having a mother changed my life. But when I think about it more closely, I have nothing to compare it to because I have never experienced a mother's love. That couldn't be called a life-changing situation.

I went into the garage. Inside was an old car that had never been used since my dad drove my mom to the hospital. Some other old parts and mechanical items were in boxes leaning on the wall.

I went to get my bike and placed the helmet over my head. I rolled my bike outside onto the road. I assumed my dad wasn't that hungry after the midnight snack he had, so I decided to go for a little bike ride before heading out to the market for groceries.

It felt good to have the breeze flow past me as I rode the bike. The roads were nearly empty because everyone else was probably on vacation. Or they could be hiding inside the houses from the heat, with their air conditioners on full-blast.

I stopped in front of a red light. I leaned forward in front of my seat and rested my arms on the handles. Before long, the light turned green again. I settled myself to begin again.  Suddenly, when I was in the middle of the crossroad, a red Ferrari was heading straight towards me.

I flew off my bike and onto the gravely road. I probably lost consciousness after that because I soon woke up to find myself in a hospital ward.

Outside of the room, I could hear two people speaking. One was probably the doctor because he was speaking about my condition. The other was suggesting that he pay for the medical bill. Is that my dad? It seemed highly improbable. He wouldn't even bother to look at me, least of all pay for the bill with my money.

I realized that the nurse was actually next to me as she soon went out of the room to tell the doctor that I was awake. The doctor and a teenage boy came into the room followed by the nurse.

"How are you feeling, miss?" the doctor asked.

"I'm fine. What happened to me?"

"You went through a car crash. Luckily the car only bumped into the wheel of your bicycle so you only fell off and lost consciousness. There are no physical injuries other than a few scratches from the fall. You may be released whenever you feel comfortable enough to move."

The End

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