The world changed for me with one essay. One topic that I couldn't write... It came to me over one summer... That one summer...

Final Essay (due the second to last day of school)
Topic: A life changing situation

All the students groaned when they learned about their final essay assignment of the year.

"Um... Mr. Davis?"

"Do you have a question about the essay, Hailey?" Mr. Davis looked at her with an interesting face.

"What if there was no such situation?"

"I'm sure there is. Your parents could have been influential in some way that benefited you. Your friends could've inspired you to accomplish a certain thing. Oh there are many topics to talk about."

Before another question could be asked, the bell rang for dismissal. Hailey walked out of the classroom still pondering the assignment in her head. All the other students ran out ahead and enjoyed the lovely day. All of the students would probably procrastinate until the last day to finish the essay.

Hailey was alone when she waited on the bus stop. It was just her alone, with no friends or familiar faces.

When the bus arrived, she propped her face against her hand along the windowsill. Was there ever such an occasion? she wondered as the scenery just passed her by.

Hailey came home to a messy kitchen piled up with dirty dishes. The sound of snoring revealed a man with an unshaved beard and a messy profile laid on top of the sofa. She heaved a big sigh and cleaned up the mess.

She climbed up the stairs to her room. Sitting on the chair, she picked up a pen and a piece of paper and attempted to start the essay. However, she gave up after writing her heading.

Leaning back on her chair, she let the pen roll out of her hand. She closed her eyes and drifted into a little nap.

***** ***** ***** 

"Hailey, you are the best student I have here. You always hand in your essays on time and do a perfect job. Where is it?" asked Mr. Davis. "You had a whole month to work on this."

"I apologize, Mr. Davis. I really couldn't think of any life changing situations in my life. I also did not feel that it is right to make up something that never even happened before. If you can allow it, may I have the summer to work on this essay? I promise I will hand in a good piece of writing."

"I will forgive you this time, Hailey. But only because this will be the only, and I repeat, ONLY, time you will hand in an essay late." He straightened out all of his papers and placed them inside his briefcase. He stood up and placed his hand on Hailey's shoulder. "Hopefully though, nothing too changing will occur. I hope you have a good vacation."

Hailey just stood by the teacher's desk and watched him leave without saying a word.

She had no idea that this was one essay that will change her life... forever.

The End

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