Watch Out

Alex believes everything happens for a reason. That things are planned out before you. So this meeting wasn't just chance.

Alex was late. She had overslept and was late. Why hadn’t her roommate woken her up? Oh right, she tried. Damn. She rushes to put her hair into a ponytail and runs out the door before remembering that her cleats were still sitting in the bathroom. The elevator took too long to get there, so she opts for the stairs instead. She sprints out the door, thinking that if she hurried she’d make it there in 10 minutes. She’s so preoccupied with this thought that she doesn’t see the SUV turning the corner, and into the road she is about to cross. All she hears is a scream then she’s yanked by the arm and onto the sidewalk. Both her and her savior land forcefully on the ground, but out of the way of the SUV.

“Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry! Thank you so much,” Alex gets up and turns around to take in a tan, muscular, girl with light brown hair in a loose bun, and bright brown eyes. She was wearing a UNC sweatshirt and athletic shorts, not unlike her own.

“Hey no problem. Just didn’t want to witness anyone get run over today,” the girl smiles, and it’s unlike any smile Alex had seen before. The grin went across all her features, and Alex instantly knows this girl was good.

“Here, let me help you up,” Alex extends her hand once she realizes the other girl was still on the ground.

“Thanks,” the girl takes it and now they’re standing side by side. She’s shorter than Alex, but had an air that she shouldn’t be messed with.  You could also see that from her athletic form.

“I’m Alex by the way,” Alex introduces her self.

“Tobin. So where were you running off to that almost got you run over?” Tobin asks.

“Oh right! I’m like 15 minutes late for practice,” Alex slaps her forehead. Almost getting run over can make you forget things. Or maybe it was the girl who saved her…

“Let me guess, soccer?” Tobin raises an eyebrow.

“Wow yeah! How’d you know?” Alex is surprised by her accurate guess.

“I can see the cleats in your side pocket,” Tobin laughs.

“Oh right…” Alex blushes.

“You should probably go then,” Tobin points toward the soccer fields, a gesture unnoticed by Alex.

“Well once you’re this late it doesn’t matter that much,” Alex shrugs in reply.

“Well I’m going to the library, I’ll walk with you. Make sure you look both ways before crossing any roads,” Tobin smirks.

“Sure! So what’s your major, Tobin?” Alex asks.

“Communications, you?” Tobin answers.

“Political Economics, but really it’s soccer,” Alex smiles and adjusts the bag on her shoulder.

“Yeah,” Tobin looks off, but Alex picks the conversation up again, and they talk for the remainder of the walk there.

“Well this is my stop. It was nice meeting you, and thanks again for saving me,” Alex thanks Tobin again.

“No problem and here,” Tobin pulls a pen out and grabs Alex’s hand.  She scrawls down a number quickly before capping the pen again.

“Call me sometime if you feel like hanging out,”

“Yeah sure,” Alex looks down at the number then says goodbye.

When she gets into the locker room and changes cleats, she is officially 30 minutes late. She was going to be killed for this.

“Well, look who decided to grace us with their presence!”  Her teammate and roommate Sydney Leroux is the first to notice her come out.

“Morgan get over here!” her coach yells from the other sideline. She jogs across weaving around her team then stops in front of him.

“You’re 30 minutes late to practice. Care to explain?”

“Yes. I’m sorry sir. I woke up late, then on my way over here I almost got hit by a car,” Alex bows her head.

“Stay after to do some sprints. And don’t let me hear that one of my best players almost got hit by a car,” coach shakes his head, and then Alex goes to join the line up.

“Over here kid,” Kelley calls her over to run a few drills.

“What’s this I hear about getting run over?”

“Oh yeah, well I probably would of on the way here if this girl hadn’t been there to pull me out of the way,” Alex explains while dribbling around.

“Wow. Give me this girls number I want to thank her,” Kelley passes the ball.

“Yeah, I know. I wouldn’t have been too late, but after that we walked together to here,”

“I see… And does this helpful citizen have a name?” Kelley raises an eyebrow.

“Tobin. I don’t know her last name,” she nods.

“Tobin? I know a Tobin,” Lauren Cheney comes up next to them, “Yeah I have some classes with her. She’s really chill,”

“It’s got to be the same one. How many Tobins could go here?” Kelley responds.

“Hey, what’s that on your hand Baby Horse?” Lauren grabs her.

“Oh, you’ve got someone’s number!” she gasps mockingly.

“Calm down. It’s Tobin’s. We’re going to meet up again,” Alex rolls her eyes, while her team laughs. Coach calls out a drill and they all separate still chuckling.

Tobin’s POV

When Alex went into the door, Tobin stood and stared for about a minute just thinking. She was really glad that she had been there when she was, or who knows what would have happened to Alex. She shakes it off and heads toward her destination. Hopefully Alex would actually call her. She had enjoyed their conversation on the way over here. 

Truthfully she had been watching Alex before she saw her almost cross the road. The athletic girl was strikingly pretty even in a t-shirt and shorts. She had blue eyes, which Tobin had noticed from down the sidewalk. And those eyes were what convinced Tobin to write her number down last minute. Now she was trying to study for her classes but couldn’t seem to focus.

Food. Tobin thought, and then nods in agreement to it. She gets up after only an hour in there to head down the street to a campus pizza spot. Once she was full with pizza, instead of heading back to the library she simply gives up and begins the trek back to her dorm room. Nap. As Lauren had said, Tobin prided her self in being chill, and a chill person must always nap after eating. When she walks into her room, she spots her roommate Gabby sitting at her desk.

“You weren’t gone that long,” Gabby comments.

“That may be, but in that time I did lots of stuff,” Tobin points at her.

“Yeah, like what?”

“Well, I studied, ate, walked, and oh saved a girl from being run over,” Tobin plops down on her bed.

“Wait what?” Gabby actually turns around for the last part.

“Yup. Pulled a girl out of the street before she got ran over, so I guess you could say I’m a hero,”

“That might be pushing it,” Gabs spins back around with a laugh.

“You may laugh, but I might have saved her life! And it was exhausting, so I will now take a nap,” Tobin crawls under the covers and promptly passes out.

The End

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