Stolen from her kin at a young age, Alpha was prophesied to unite three nations at war: Carin, Sarin and The People of Green Shore Lake. But captured early on by those who are both her kin and her enemies will she be able to save not just herself but three kingdoms?


Exactly what was her life worth? How many pieces of silver would one place upon her head, and who would give it? By way of her prophesied death, could she achieve anything that, in life, she could not? Fame. Immortality. Reverence. Aye, aye, there is no denying that it would be a noble action. Was her death worth it to save the life of Prince Quest? Was it worth the liberty for Prince Chance to marry the one his heart beat to?

She closed her eyes.

As much as she wished it were not so, she knew it was.

To gain allegiance, Through sacrifice, Of blood, water and bone.

The End

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