Chance McClaine woke up to the steady dripping of water on his forhead. He inhaled deeply, surprised by the strong scent of mold and mildew that now infested his nose. He sneezed, a sound that echoed through the underground cavern. Chance didn't know where he was. All he remembered was last night, partying, falling asleep in his friend's car.

Or was it his friends car...He remembered the red interior and the sweet scent of sex. He laughed to himself, remembering the pretty blonde girl he had done last night and the brunette from the night before.

He wasn't permiscuous, he was....well...a college student.t

The flood lights flickered on and he could finally see.

He could finally see he wasn't alone. He was lying on what appeared to be a some kind of mechanical platform and had he decided to roll over hey would have plumeted about fifteen feet. If he had fallen the wrong way (perhaps head first), he would have broken his neck and maybe died.

He wasn't the only one who has blinked to realize the sudden shit he's gotten himself into. He counted everyone quickly. There were twelve others, thirteen people in total. Lucky number thirteen.  he thought to himself as the man to his left decided to speak up.

"Where the fuck are we?" he asked. He had an accent that wasn't quite placeable, Chance knew it was European, but not where in Europe. He was alright looking and was not quite as built as Chance. He had dark brown hair that hung lankly over his face as he sat up and repeated.

"Where the FUCK are we?"

"I..." a softer voice, perhaps one of a woman "I don't think y-y-yelling will help" the voice stuttered softly. All the heads in the room turned to look over at the sorce of the voice. It was a small, bubbly looking girl. She couldn't have been any older then sixteen. She was wearing a sleazy, low-cut shirt and a mini-skirt. She looked out of her comfort zone, used to being surrounded by friends.

"No one has got any better ideas!" yelled the first man.

At that, all the platforms lowered to ground level. They could walk off them now. In front of them was a table with a row of boxes.

Thirteen boxes.

The End

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