Have a little demo of a story I'm writing!

A snap. 

That's all it took to create a sense of paranoia in Collyn. Taking a deep breath, his clammy hands clung to the silver hilt of his sword. Collyn stepped forward, his eyes looking to Jie for guidance.  

Unfortunately, all he got was the sight of Jie's back. "Um... J-Jie?", his voice resonated with unease, feeling his spine tickle with ice. 

"What Collyn?" Jie turned Collyn's way, causing the boy to tense. Collyn didn't like the impatient look on the prince's face, sharp eyes narrowing with a heavy stare. 


Jie sighed, shaking his head as he turned back around. Only did he pause when the sound of simmering soup caught his ear. Collyn raised his sword in alarm. Breathing was harder, his heart tore at his chest. This wasn't safe. A loud crash of a tree before them revealed their threat.

Haval, eyes and mouth aflame, breathed with a rage that rivaled Hade's merciless fire. "Collyn!", the dragon-boy called. His voice was no longer a sneer, but now it was a look of madness in the disguise of a voice. 

The End

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