Shona and her mother walked down the path towards the carpark...

Shona looked at her watch: it was nearly 11;00PM about two minutes away. She tugged her mum, so they would get there quicker.

They walked over a hollow patch of grass, she got a horrible feeling in her stomach.

CRACK! The grass opened up, Shona and her mother shrieked in suprise, then terror. They were falling! And they both knew where! THEY WERE FALLING INTO THE CHAMBERS!!!!



They linked arms, their hair flowing upwards. THUD! They had fallen onto some hard flooring. Wood.

"M...M...m...mum?"Shona whimpered.

Her mothers body lay motionless upon the wooden floor. She couldn't even see her breathing. She was dead. Shock and pain were the only emotions left on Heather Commans face. Her blue eyes were blank. Her lips were parted a little, yes....This was definatly what a dead person looked like.

Shona started crying. Then instantly became quiet, when she heard ragged breathing and footsteps. A man appeared.

A dead man....John McReedie. He was a awful sight; his hair was a dirty red colour, his eyes a cold grey, he had a large cut deep into his scull, so deep, you could see his brain. But just a bit of it, gundgie blood was around the eges, he had cuts and scars all over his face. And the one biggest reason you could tell he was dead was because he had a large hole in front of his lungs, a small-ish sized, jagged stone was jutting out of one, proving that he was definatly dead.

His cold grey eyes looked as dead as Shonas' mother's. She couldn't help but let out a whimper. His head clicked to the side, his eyes focused on Shona. Her blue eyes widened.

His ragged mouth, covered with cuts, turned up at the edges, forming a discusting smile. His teeth were either falling out of a mustly yellow colour.

John siezed Shona by the arm, dragging her through many tunnels. She shrieked and pounded the walls, but no one could hear, she knew that. When she had shut up, she noticed what was around her. People. But these people were alive. Or dead.

As she went past, she saw girls to women, boys to men. all looking as terrified as her. Their mouths were gagged. Some were hanging by their necks; and their feet were off the ground, but they weren't dead. Somehow, John McReedie was keeping them alive. She noticed how their skin was a deathly pale, as if all their blood was being drained.

She gasped in horror when she saw Luke. He was hanging in chains, pipes were pumping blood from his arms, legs and torso. John dropped Shone.

"Don'ttt moooveeee."He hissed at her. He unhooked Luke from all the pipes and gave him a spoonful of a orange tinged liquid. Luke shuddered from head to toe. His eyes fluttered open, and he groaned. His head hung low. Then his eyes zeroed on Shona.....She was lying on the floor, all dusty and dirty a red mark on her arm where John McReedie had dragged her.

"SHONA!"He cried. His voice was muffled as John tied a piece of dirty cloth around his mouth.

"I'm so sorry!"Whispered Shona, and once again she was being dragged accross the dirty wooden floor.

She felt very woozy after she had been dragged accross the floor. Suddenly, she was being hung up in rusty chains that hurt her wrists.

"LET ME GO!"She said furiously, "I swear to God, when I get out of these fucking chains, I'm going to beat the fucking daylights outta you!!!"

Her threats were muffled by a gag. And the dead man spoke for the second time.

"IIIII don'tttt havveee anyyy dayylighhttssss."He hissed. And drifted off. Leaving Shona alone in the dimly lit Chambers....

The End

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