The chambers lie deep beneath the ground. You walk over them at 11;00PM. You fall. You fall into the chambers. And will be held captive by a dead man. A dead man desperate for blood. And he will do just about anything to get it......

Shona walked to the canteen, sighing deeply. She wanted to know where Luke had gotten too! He'd missed school for the past week. Not even his parents knew where he was. Then the roumors started. People started saying stuff about the chambers. Even though they aren't meant to talk about it.


The chambers were found in 1847, when these people were digging, they came accros The Chambers.

The police went down there, they thoguth the missing people were there. And they were. And so was John McReedie. A dead man. They held him captive. Somehow, he'd found the cure for death!

About a monthe after, they found all the police men dead. And John McReedie had vanished.

And all the people they had saved were gone too.


She walked in. And sat down next to her friends. She was popular. So she had loads of 'em.

"Awww, Sho. He'll be okay!"Carrie simpered.

"Yeah, he's probably on some wild road-trip to find you the engagement ring of your dreams!"Said Lucy comfortingly.

"No he's not. "she sighed, "I bet the roumors are true. I'm betting all I own he's in The Chambers."

All my girlfriends' eyes popped out of their sockets.

"Dont' say that!" Hissed Jen.

"Yeah! One of the teacher'll hear ya!"Muttered Cris.

"I don't think they will!"Said Joey, spraying crumbs everywhere, Joey, of course, is a boy, Carrie boyfriend to be exact.

But Shona knew they were all wrong. She KNEW he was in The Chambers. And John McReedie had probably killed him.

"Ew!"Squealed Jen. "Stop spitting everywhere!"

"Leave Joey alone."Siad Michel.

"I gotta run. I need you to do something for me. But all of you come on MSN tonight, I'll put us in a big convo. I'll tell you then! I gotta go!" Shona said.

"Where you gotta go?" Asked Joey.

"None of your fucking bussiness!"She said, smirking.

And she sauntered off to do whatever she wanted, IE; smoke behind the bikeshed.

The End

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