Challenge #2?

Challenge #2/Challenge I'm Fufilling

You see him standing there in the darkness, your man, your one and only. He's begging for forgiveness, but how, and why?


I lay on the old, worn out, green couch for hours, waiting. Waiting for Andrew to call. It was all I had to look forward to, since I was a lazy bum with no job and no friends or family but him. Andrew, on the other hand, had a life, a job, people who loved him. But yet, he still took time out of his busy and eventful days for me.

Suddenly, my cell phone started to play my ringtone (Modern Nature) and I picked it up within milliseconds of the beginning of the song.


"Hey, Sadie. It's Andrew." His smooth, flowy voice calmed me- from what, I don't know, but it did.

"I know. So, what's going on? How was work?" I asked, shoving a Dorito in my mouth.

"It was really good, Sade!"

"Wow, it must've been, you're never excited about work. What was so good about it?"

I could feel him smiling on the other end. "I met a girl, Sadie. She's beautiful, she's smart, and she's so kind." He paused. "I think I might love her."

I bubbled up with anger. I loved Andrew. He had to know that. And I thought that he loved me too. But, apparently, he didn't. I felt my face go red. "Well, that's a movin' a little fast, don't ya think?" I mumbled. "What's her name?"

"CiCi Green."

"Pfft, CiCi? How old is she, seven?"

"No, she's twenty one, same as me. Is everything all right over there? You sound.. Out of the ordinary, Sadie."

"Oh, no, I'm great! Just- when are you coming home?" I felt tears pour out of my eyes. This conversation needed to come to a close before he could tell I was crying.

"I'll be home in half an hour. And I'm bringing CiCi with, so you can meet her! I thought we could all go out to dinner tonight, too."

"Oh... perfect. Well, I'd better go, I have to get ready."

I heard a faint chuckle followed by a young woman's whisper. "Oh, oh," He chuckled again. "All.. right, Sadie. See ya."

"Goodb-" I started, but he hung up before I could finish. I wiped up my tears and changed into a black dress, with a V neck, and matching high heels. I straightened my hair, and put on some mascara. Then I threw on my red peacoat. I was ready.

I heard the door push open, and Andrew and what had to be CiCi's giggles fill up the house.

"And this is my place, Ci's." Andrew said. I came out of the bathroom, without a sound.

"Oh, and this, CiCi, is my friend Sadie."

I looked at CiCi. She was absolutely gorgeous- Long, dark, beachy waves, and bright blue eyes. She was just a few inches shorter than Andrew, and had a very good body. And she had a very big white smile.

"Hi, Sadie. I'm CiCi. It's so nice to meet you- Andrew's told me so many things about you! Wow, you're so.. pretty!" She smiled, and leaned forward for a hug, which I awkwardly received.

"Um, thanks. You-you too."

She stepped back into Andrew's muscular arms, and smiled again. "Well, we better get going, the reservation's set for 7:00." Andrew said, and he headed out the door with CiCi, already laughing about something again. I followed behind them into his Lambo, and was surprised to see CiCi take my spot in the passenger's seat. I scoffed quietly, so that they couldn't hear me, and squeezed into the backseat.

When we finally made it to the restauant, Bacchus Restaurant, I saw the dark alley I'd been looking for. I grinned.

"Wait, stop!" Andrew brought the car to an immediate halt. "What is it, Sadie?" He asked, panicked.

"I-I think I saw a little puppy in the alley over there. Can we go see if it's still there? He looked hungry." I faked a worried look on my face.

"Yeah, sure. You wanna come, CiCi?" Andrew asked.

CiCi sighed. "Well, I would, but we'll need someone to check us in. You guys go on, I'll be waiting. She stepped out of the car and into the restaurant, her heels clicking with every step she took.

Andrew parked the car near the alley, and stepped out, approaching it with caution. I walked in front of him. "C'mon, Andrew. It's just a puppy!" He ran into the alley with me, and when we reached the dead end of the seemingly endless blackness, I pushed Andrew into the back wall, holding him by the neck of his shirt.

"What the- What's going on?!"

"How could you do this to me, Andrew?! I love you, and you know it! And then you just- go off and find CiCi, and act like everything's okay?! It's not okay!!" I screamed into his face. Suddenly, CiCi's voice echoed through the alley.

"You guys? What's going on?" I heard the clicking of her heels, starting softly, then ending rather loudly. I saw her figure come into view, and I grabbed her dress and slammed her into the wall, too.

"What are you doing?!" She screamed, trying to fight me off. Andrew tried too, but it was a rather weak attempt. He still didn't want to hurt me physically.

"You little b****!" I screamed in CiCi's face. "You ruined my life by coming into Andrew's. He is mine!" I pulled the sleek, loaded pistol out of my coat pocket, and held it to her neck.

"Say, 'bye-bye' CiCi!" I almost pulled the trigger, but stopped at the sound of Andrew crying.

"Please, Sadie! Just leave her be! She didn't do anything! Please!" He begged. But, even if I wanted to leave her alone, I couldn't. They would report me to the police, and I would rot in jail.

"No." I held it back up to her neck, but this time, I did pull the trigger. It went off with a loud boom, killing her instantly. Blood poured from her neck. I threw her body to the ground.

"No! No! CiCi!! How could you do this to me, Sadie?! I loved her!" Andrew shouted, still crying.

"Now you know I felt." I leaned forward and kissed Andrew, my tongue sliding around in his mouth. I pulled away, after minutes, then whispered,

"I'm sorry, Andrew." I shot him in the neck as well, and watched him hit the ground, lifeless. I cried for what seemed like forever, then looked at the gun. One bullet left. I put it at my neck, and pulled the trigger.


Write a song about your favorite color, using rhyming words. It must make sense- no using random words just because they rhyme.

The End

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