Gay Navy

Ok so it was the last night of navy camp so navy being the rockers we are decided to have a rave. Everything was removed from every surface and soon the awsome raveing became a huge dare game. At this point Wills I-pod was still in and thus metal music blasted out. The strip tease began. As Will and Stu began undressing eachother we began cat calling and yelling " Full monty!!" This atracted down the attention of Matron. Who happened to walk in at the point where Stu was pretending to spank Will. Hilarious isn't the word.

The dares that night were so funny. Lorna had to lick the whole of Russia on this old manky map in the comon room.

Ru had to dress up as a girl and dye his hair green and we all had to eat the most disgusting tasting showergel in the world.

The hilight was definatly Matron walking in on the strip tease.

Well I really dont know why the navy are called gay.



The End

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