The Most Embarrassing Dare Ever Recorded.

Okay, so it was my best friend's birthday, her 13th, and we were all having a sleep over at her place. Kim being Kim decided that we should play Truth or Dare. We had  so much fun, all spilling our dark secrets and doing random acts. Then came my turn.

My dare (coz that's what I chose, seeing as all my secrets are deadly dull) was to run around the house wearing nothing by my undies with a pillowcase on my head. I, being the absolute nutcase that I am, did so with great enthusiasm, making warbling noises as I rushed around the house, waving my arms and looking like a total nutcase. We almost died laughing and immediately proclaimed that it was the highlight of the evening. Eventually we all got tired, curled up in our sleeping bags and went to sleep.

The next morning I got the shock of my life.

I was at school, and I noticed that an awful lot of people were sniggering when they saw me. I thought that was rather odd, seeing as I hadn't done anything remotely amusing.

It was later that I found out why.

As it turned out, Jenna had secretly filmed me on her camera as I raced around the house in my underpants, wearing a pillowcase on my head and making inane noises. Not only that, but she'd posted the video on YouTube earlier that morning and over half the people in my school had watched it!

I will get my revenge for this. I don't know how, but I will...

The End

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