Truth or Dare?

Ah, my birthday. The moment of glory. Truth or dare is one of my favourite things to do. I love truth, when my friends spill all their secrets about who their crush is, or who was the boy they hated most. For myself, I prefer dare. I deffinately don't want my friends finding out that I like that boy in grade seven... I hope my classmates aren't on Protagonize now, reading this.

Well, as you might know, I love chickens. I live on a farm and have chickens. They are so cute and their eyes stare so knowingly out of their triangled-looking head. I hug and kiss them, cuddle them and take them into the house to give them a bath, or to feed them some ceareal.

One friend, who didn't know me very well, dared me to kiss a chicken. It was dark out, so I couldn't go and get a chicken at the moment. "In fact," she continued, "I will give you twenty-five cents for each chicken you kiss... that is, if you can do it."

My other friends laughed uncontrollably, they knew i would be rich tommorow. I smiled smugly, and secretly thanked my lucky stars that none of my other friends had the idea to tell her the reason for their laughter.

The next day, of course, my friend found out why they were laughing... Even today, she is still mad at me for ruining what she thought was the best truth or dare moment ever. I still think it is.

The End

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