Challenge: Truth or Dare Moments

Have you ever played Truth or Dare with your friends and always ended up doing an embarrassing stunt or telling one of your deepest darkest secrets? Writers can spill all of their funny moments and memories here!

      I was at my at one of my friend's sleepover, and it was still pretty early, but we all spread out our sleeping bags and pillows. The birthday girl grabbed nail polish, her creepy porcelain doll in one arm, and a microphone in the other while everyone sang along to the karaoke machine that played We Go Together from the movie Grease. It was a great time and we all sang until our throats hurt, and until the sun started setting. It got late and everyone changed into their pajamas, sending out compliments and funny remarks at each others' clothing. It was quiet, the television was turned on to low volume, but some girls still stared at the screen intently watching an old black and white movie. A couple of girls, including myself, gathered around in a bundle and started talking about what was happening at school, the usual gossip about the teacher's and even a funny story about Mrs. Lorigan, our music teacher. Yes, nearly everyone there was band geeks even though we were all in Choir.

      All of a sudden, Tessa, sort of a goth girl came out from almost nowhere and said that she wanted to play truth or dare. Of course, most of us agreed. It was my turn, and I ruthlessly dared my best friend, Erin to do the worm. It was hilarious since it was Erin's first time, but she did pretty well although her movements were stiff like a brick. Then... someone finally asked me, "Truth or dare?"

      I just thought for a moment, taking a sip of my Sprite and set it down. Before I could answer, Erin exclaimed that she was going to brush her teeth. Coincidentally, when she left the birthday girl, Michelle, shoved her scary-looking porcelain china doll and dared, "Since almost everyone is scared of this--even though it was supposed to look like me--take the doll and scare Erin with it!" I nodded and when I walked across the dark hallway, the doll in my hand and a flashlight in the other. I could hear the water running and I knocked on the door but didn't say a thing. I stuck out the doll's head and hid myself behind the door when it opened. I heard the running of water stop.

      "H-Hello...?" she stuttered. "Wh-Who's there?" the door didn't open yet. I snickered and knocked on the door, still time softer and gently with the doll's hands. She opened it with the slightest crack and I quickly shoved the china doll so it's head was visible. "Aaaahhhyyyy!!!" The door was shut again and I laughed so hard. Through the door, I could hear Erin laughing just as hard. "Karasu! That was mean!" she still giggled and opened the door again, to see my red face and the doll on the floor.

      "It was a dare~" I sang in a sing-song voice. She only stuck her tongue out.

      "Oh yeah?  The next time you and your mom use the ATM, I dare you to shout and jump up and down ten times, 'I won! Oh my god I won!!!' when the money comes out." Erin smirked. It was a dare I couldn't refuse...

      The next day, my mom picked me up and drove me with her to the ATM, and as planned I did what I was told and right across the street was my crush, just staring at my oddly. I only blushed and hide behind my mom while she just gave me a short fifteen minute while my pale face just grew pink with frustration. Oh I was so going to get back at Erin. I stopped at my thoughts and when I looked across the street again, I could see my crush just smile and laugh while giving me a thumbs up. I smiled back at him and the next day at school, he did the exact same thing when the lunch lady gave him back change.

The End

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