Dare 4 Distance - Nevershoutnever!

She smiles.

Because he's right.

He's always been right.

How could she never see that?

But it's confusing.

How on Earth has he just figured out what they should be doing?

He grinned at the end of his 'speech'.


Although the distance is daring, we both know how to drive.

More like a confession.

And even though they knew that they were fools.

Self-proclaimed enemies.

Self-loathing enemies.

Self-loathing lovers.

But the thing is, the distance between them wasn't physical.


They were pushing each other way; both of them unaware.

As usual.

But then he kissed her.

Not one of those lustful kisses that both had them had experienced from exhausted lips before.


That was the best kiss of my life.

The End

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