August 12, 2009 11:57AM

      I was sitting, eating cereal again, but this time, I was munching on Honey Combs, another one of my many favorite cold cereals. My day was going by perfectly so far, I woke up early, got to chat with some of my friends online, and now just waited for my mom to call, my cue to pretend to sound sleepy like I just woke up. Suddenly, my new cell phone vibrated and shifted a little to the left on the wooden table. I picked it up and saw a text message from a fellow friend, Eunice.

      "OMG! Guess what I found out?!?!" she texted me. I sighed, she was one of my close friends, but she always knew the latest gossip in our school, even if we were all on summer vacation.

      I dropped my spoon, accidentally letting a bit of milk splash onto the table and texted back urgently, "What?!?!!" It must've been important if she added an "omg" in the front of her message.

      I rolled my eyes at her excitement, or nervousness and picked up my spoon again, only to drop it in frustration after hearing my cell phone go off again. "Ryan is back with Tiana again!!!!!" she replied.

      I gaped, not knowing what to think. Ryan was my best friend for eternity, even thats what he said, and I had a major crush on him. If he cried, I cried, if he was happy, I was happy, and vise versa for him. It's a long story between Tiana, Ryan, and me, but I'll make it short.

      Back in seventh grade, he and I were still great friends, he never left my side, and then suddenly, he went out with one of my friends named Tiana. Ryan knew I like him, and he still went out with Tiana, so there was nothing I could do but stay in the sidelines, and just be happy for him, no matter how upset I felt. Eventually, Tiana became home schooled because her mother didn't want her to date Ryan anymore, being overprotective and all, Tiana broke up with Ryan, then got back together secretly. Tiana broke up with him again, but for real, and Ryan got upset. He ran back to me and sobbed. He was really upset, and I cried with him too, trying to comfort him. Then, a month later when he finally got over her, she got back with him again, and he accepted. A few weeks later, she broke up with him, saying it far away relationships wasn't going to work out, and now, they're back together again.

      I guess you can see why I'm upset, and not because Ryan is dating Tiana again, but because I know she will hurt him again. I told him several times that she will just break up again, but he doesn't care. All my friends are worried for him, and worried about me too, knowing that I still like him.

      I sighed once more, my perfect day suddenly ruined, and looked at my now soggy Honeycombs cereal. I watched them drown in the milk, and just dumped them away along with the little milk. I couldn't eat anymore, and just cleaned up the mess on the wooden table before heading off the bed again.

The End

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