July 31, 2009 - 12:50PM

      Yet again, I'm at my parent's restaurant helping out as always while my mom runs back and forth into the kitchen, either taking empty dishes inside to clean, or taking dishes full of hot or cold food to the customers. It wasn't so busy so I started thinking of a new story idea and I guess I sort of got carried away... At least that's what my mom says... And my dad... So I was cleaning up some random table, and since my mind is pretty complicated and always has to think of something, one way or another, I accidentally dropped a plate (or two) and my parents scolded me as always. So I decided to just sit there at the dirty table, leaning my head against the wall and thought, "Is there life after death?"

      I know there is Heaven or Hell, but then again, there is also reincarnation. One of my friends told me that when people reincarnate, we get judged by these beings so that we can be placed on a different planet besides Earth. It sort of freaked me out, but that sounded really cool. I was always curious of what was outside of our galaxy in inside other galaxies. "Well... In other galaxies there are planets... And stars..." one might say to me. WELL DUH! That's always their answer and it sort of bothers me. I stand back up to bring the plates back inside the kitchen for my mom to wash. It was pretty heavy, and coincidentally, I slipped and all the plates came crashing down and it wasn't a pretty sight. I expected it to be like one of the cartoon clips where the cartoon falls over with dishes, but then they get up all fine, but I ended up with two cuts, and big bruise on one of my arms. Nice, huh?

The End

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