At This Moment

At this moment I am reading Mr. Laird Tom's Moment.  don't worry dear I have many great things written that will never see the light of day.. can I put LOL here?  Kidding, I have things written that are not finished, not categorized, not loved.. we all do it believe me.

Thing is, you keep doing it, at this moment, at that moment, at the right moment, at the wrong moment.. just sit back and wait.. the moment will come along.  I find, you get along much better in written word if you do it for the love of it, if you do it for the moment that presented itself to you because, if you aspire to greatness, that moment may never come..

Oh yes, Sailorjupiterox.. I faced my moment, at 6:30am 7/23/09, the actual moment took place at 9:00am and lasted about an hour.. Being the great cavewoman that I am, I arrived at home and was in my own bed at 11:30pm.. Ah, I won't have to face that moment again for five years.. course by then, I will be many moments older than now (sigh)..

Just another moment in my life..

The End

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