Another Failure - Monday, July 27th, 8:08pm

As I stare at the light being produced by my laptop, I groan, as I realise another Protagonize story has failed me.

It's not that I got into a story only to find out that the author hasn't completed it, or that I've spent ages on a chapter but been beaten to the punch by another quick-fire author. It's dissapointment in myself.

Another one of my seemingly excellent short story ideas has collapsed and died.

This time it was called 'Man In The Box', and although I had originally intended it to be solo, I've now opened it up to the floor to see what others make of it. However, due to my lack of real popularity, I doubt it will see the light of day ever again.

No more plot developments. No more 'Wow, that would be a great title chapter!' No more nothing.

Just another failure of a story from LairdTom, a 17-year-old gentleman from Oxford, United Kingdom.

The End

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