Old Habits Die Hard

      Judging from the chapter title, you're probably wondering what I mean by that, or just curious of why I titled it that way when I'm supposed to write about a moment of my day. Well... You'll probably see why after you finish reading this. So, before I start of how my day started, in the past about two months ago, one of my three stepsisters (yes, and I'm Cinderella) got into an argument with my dad. It fight was terrible, no more than that... I would describe it as a nightmare, something that would make your ears bleed. So, because of the fight, my stepsister uninvited my father to her wedding. I wasn't invited since I was her stepsister, and my mom, her stepmother. I come from a traditional Chinese/Japanese family, so I guess you won't understand, some of you out there reading this might.

      So, to start off the day, my mother pulled me out of bed as usual and made me get dressed and ready to celebrate my oldest and most loved stepsister, Ruby's birthday. We were going to a Japanese restaurant, the one that our family always went to before the fight between my dad and Michelle, the second oldest stepsister. I was actually nervous because it has been a while since we've ever even seen or heard from Michelle, and she was going.

      When we arrived after a ten minute long drive, I sat there next to my mom and grandmother at the table, reading my favorite manga and close to tears since my favorite character was about to make the biggest sacrifice. That made me think of why my traditional made such a big deal about every small little detail. It's like making a big fuss when someone doesn't get what they exactly want. Sometimes I wonder if my family is sort of selfish, and won't make a sacrifice like I have done so many times for my family, and especially my friends.

      I stopped my thoughts when I heard the sassy voice of Michelle's and my stomach couldn't take much of the small sip of water. I waved a hello and she did as well. My father was nervous and shifty eyed as always, but did greet her. It stayed quiet for a moment, until I broke out into a conversational question, which was probably the most silly question I would ever think of. "Isn't the weather today wonderful?"

      A couple of minutes later, the birthday girl came by and since her aura was always happy and cheerful, it did brighten up the glum or awkward tension in the air. Eventually, my dad and my stepsister Michelle started having a conversation. That's right, a talk, a conversation. I couldn't believe my ears, and for the first time, the food at the restaurant didn't seem so dull to me. It tasted delicious. Either, they changed the cook, or it was because I was happy.

      We went separate ways, and my dad was finally reinvited again to the wedding, she even asked if the old suit still fit him fine. Though, as I entered the car with just my mother and father, I let out a sigh since my parents got into another argument. It wasn't so much about Michelle anymore, thank goodness, but more about if he should or shouldn't go to the wedding. I just leaned my head against the window and only one thought came to my head, "Old habits die hard..."

The End

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